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  • More Than 11,000 Children Had Died in Syrian Civil War

    Syria’s years-old civil war had taken greater tolls on civilians rather than any other faction in the war. Almost 11,420 had died in the clashes between the government and opposition. By the end of 2013, the Oxford Research Group in London estimates this number is so far the number of children who had been hit

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  • Big Name Web Companies Deny Involvement in NSA Surveillance Program

    Project PRISM, the National Security Agency’s surveillance project, is being used by the agency to protect the United States from a wide variety of threats from outside the country. However, PRISM is said to be using information from big name web companies that serves as its raw data for at least 1 out of 7

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  • Mukhtar Mai’s Fight for Pakistani Women’s Rights

    Women in Pakistan did not have the fair treatment. Most of them were oppressed and did not have enough rights to defend themselves. They are deprived of education. Not everyone is respected and most feel like they are an unimportant part of the society. There are many cases on women oppression around the world. Last

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