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  • Russia Calls for Snowden to Accept Venezuela’s Asylum Offer

    President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela said on Friday that he is willing to provide Edward Snowden humanitarian asylum because the former NSA contractor did “what he though was right for the entire world and revealing the invasive activities of the empire”. Russia urged Edward Snowden to answer to Venezuela’s offer as his window of asylum

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  • Reason for Boston bombing remains unclear

    In spite of the arrested Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, the reason for the bombing still remains a mystery to everyone in Boston. Authorities charged him of mass and invidious destruction of properties resulting to the death of three. He could also be punished into death penalty if imprisoned. During the hearing, despite

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  • President Obama emotional on Gun Control Legislation

    The Gun Control legislation in the United States has been an ongoing issue. US President Barack Obama during his speech has been urging the lawmakers in the US to support the legislation on gun control. He said that the lawmakers should vote on the said legislation in the Congress. After the bloody incident in Newtown,

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  • New York City to Ban the Use of Styrofoam

    New York City is one known and big city in the United States. The city has many regulations to protect the environment. Thanks to their Mayor who is always known for making very tough laws concerning the city and its people. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has delivered his speech addressed to the New Yorkers. The mayor

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  • US on Chinese Cyber Attacks

    Cyber attacks such as hacking is considered cyber crime and is punishable by law. A lot of cyber attacks from different known websites of the government or even other institutions have been circulating eveywhere in the world. It is hard to identify the masterminds of the said hacking but the country from where it came

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  • A March in favor of Gun Control in the U.S.

    The gun violence in the United States has been very rampant last year. A lot of the citizens in the US were already alarmed of the accidents involving the use of guns in their country. More than a dozen of innocent people die because of unexpected violence even among young children and teenagers. The government

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  • South Carolina’s Military an “Economic Stake” for the Entire Country

    The upcoming deadline for the “fiscal cliff” fast approaches and South Carolina will be directly affected by the military spending cuts imposed by the sequestration. However, a new study shows the dangers it can do to the entire country’s economy should the sequestration of military bases push through. On a state level, South Carolina’s military

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  • Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: 55 Dead, 22 in New York

    Super Hurricane Sandy reached New York on Monday and left power outages, flooded streets, destroyed public and private properties and left many suspended from work. The hurricane left at least 22 dead from the storm and at least 55 people in the whole country died from the strength of the storm. US President Obama states

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  • Ohio Citizens State Energy Boom Platforms from Next Government

    The citizens of Ohio have clearly expressed their intentions for having an “energy boom” centered in Ohio. Ohio residents, once the center of commercial, industrial and business boom, had fallen into economic disasters because of outsourcing. Families in the area state that both participants in the U.S. presidential elections don’t seem to be allied with

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