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  • Prince George Alexander Louis and The Meaning of the Royal Baby’s Name

    Bookmakers have favourited George as the name of the new royal baby of Prince William and Duchess Kate because it keeps up with the tradition of six kings in the British monarch to be named as George. Many bystanders and the public joked about the name being “too big” for the 8lbs 6oz baby, but

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  • Food from Primary School Kills 22 Children in India

    An estimated 22 children died immediately and 30 more children were sent to hospitals after consuming free food provided by a government-run primary school. Indians rallied in protest in India’s Bihar state on Wednesday. The children, who are 8-11 year old, started vomiting right after they ate a meal of potatoes, rice, beans and lentils

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  • Russia Calls for Snowden to Accept Venezuela’s Asylum Offer

    President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela said on Friday that he is willing to provide Edward Snowden humanitarian asylum because the former NSA contractor did “what he though was right for the entire world and revealing the invasive activities of the empire”. Russia urged Edward Snowden to answer to Venezuela’s offer as his window of asylum

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