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Swedish Experts Warn About The Dangers of Increased Sun Exposure


What do age spots and wrinkles have in common? Well, according to some of the leading health experts in Sweden, they are both primarily caused by increased sun exposure, especially during times of the day when the sun is at its most hottest and potent.

Interestingly, the experts have also warned about the increased risks of UV rays from the sun, which can affect the skin even when it is cloudy and the sun cannot be seen. This means that people need to be vigilant at all times according to leading Swedish health expert Ingmar Bergman, and make sure they cover up accordingly and always wear sunscreen.

Theses new studies about the effects of sun exposure have been conducted in Stockholm over the last 5 years, with mainly experts from Sweden, but also a few from Norway and Finland using all their skills and knowledge to come up with the answers we are all demanding.

Bibi Anderson, a leading Swedish scientist commented that “although the dangers of increased sun exposure are very real and issues such as premature aging of the skin are very real, people will be glad to hear that there are a wide range of skin care procedures and treatments that in some cases can mitigate the aging process.”

She went on to add, “it’s now very common to see people in their 30’s and 40’s complain about issues such as wrinkles and age spots due to increased exposure to the sun, and they are actively searching for solutions to these problems.”

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