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Hong Kong Chief Executive Tells Protesting Crowds to Go Home

Hong Kong’s leader Leung Chun-ying called on pro-democracy protesters in Central to go home despite the growing number of people joining the assembly.

Leung also said the government and Beijing cannot comply with the calls of the protesters as Beijing will not reverse its decision to have a pro-Beijing panel screen the 2014 Hong Kong election candidates, which would jeopardise Hong Kong’s right to universal suffrage working with a semi-autonomous government.

According to Occupy Central leaders, they will extend the protests until October 1. It will also serve as a deadline for Leung to step down as Hong Kong’s leader and for Beijing to renege its decision.

CY Leung is deeply mistrusted by many Hong Kong citizens.

Meanwhile, protests have been relatively peaceful after the weekend’s initial blow where riot police used tear gas and pepper sprays. Many parts of the city remain blocked. Schools and banks have closed.

Leung had warned that Beijing’s position will not be reversed despite active and lengthy protests. Leung also iterated the Occupy Central’s promise that if the protests went out of control, it would call to stop.

However, Occupy’s leaders said that they will announce the new civil disobedience dates on October 1 if Beijing does not give a satisfying answer.


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