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  • South Carolina’s Military an “Economic Stake” for the Entire Country

    The upcoming deadline for the “fiscal cliff” fast approaches and South Carolina will be directly affected by the military spending cuts imposed by the sequestration. However, a new study shows the dangers it can do to the entire country’s economy should the sequestration of military bases push through. On a state level, South Carolina’s military

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  • Tips on Getting a Formidable PPI Claims Company

    Since the discovery of mis sold PPI in the year 2008, tons of claims management companies have sprung up all over the United Kingdom. While most of them are helpful, some may just swindle you money for lackluster results or you might not get service at all with the presented service being a scam. Here

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  • Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: 55 Dead, 22 in New York

    Super Hurricane Sandy reached New York on Monday and left power outages, flooded streets, destroyed public and private properties and left many suspended from work. The hurricane left at least 22 dead from the storm and at least 55 people in the whole country died from the strength of the storm. US President Obama states

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