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  • Sheppey Bridge Accident Collides and Traps Over 130 Cars

    Authorities closed the Sheppey Bridge today as a thick fog limited visibility and led to over 130 vehicles crashing against each other. The ensuing chaos had destroyed millions of pounds in properties, but has no casualties. The incident happened 7am in the morning. Local police from Kent arrived from the scene. Some witnesses said that

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  • Prince George Alexander Louis and The Meaning of the Royal Baby’s Name

    Bookmakers have favourited George as the name of the new royal baby of Prince William and Duchess Kate because it keeps up with the tradition of six kings in the British monarch to be named as George. Many bystanders and the public joked about the name being “too big” for the 8lbs 6oz baby, but

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  • Being well represented and compensated for personal injuries

    It is important to  know that you can be well compensated and represented when an unexpected incident happen, like most accidents that take place when we don’t expect them to. Accidents happen almost everyday and this is really something to worry about most especially when we don’t have enough money to spend to treat injuries

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  • Facebook Threat Caused a Briton to be arrested

    Serious threats can be very alarming especially when it is spread throughout a social networking site like Facebook, which can connect to a lot of people in different countries. A threat can easily go viral and may cause someone to be arrested and accused. There were already a lot of cases were authorities will check

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  • Tips on Getting a Formidable PPI Claims Company

    Since the discovery of mis sold PPI in the year 2008, tons of claims management companies have sprung up all over the United Kingdom. While most of them are helpful, some may just swindle you money for lackluster results or you might not get service at all with the presented service being a scam. Here

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