Facebook Threat Caused a Briton to be arrested

Serious threats can be very alarming especially when it is spread throughout a social networking site like Facebook, which can connect to a lot of people in different countries. A threat can easily go viral and may cause someone to be arrested and accused. There were already a lot of cases were authorities will check on the social networking sites to investigate on a probable suspect. It is always easy to track down criminals if they have their accounts on Facebook.

A threat went wrong that has caused chaos in a school in Tennessee. The message that was posted in Facebook has threatened to kill two hundred people. The said suspect on posting the message was a British man. The threat caused a lot of US schools to tighten their security on the possible attack. It was said to be posted in a memorial page.

The United States has been facing a lot of killings last year that involved a school in Newtown and have killed the innocent children. The threat didn’t make a positive approach on the recovery of different affected families in the country. It made a lot of the US citizens worry and more afraid. The detailed news the message posted was said to have divulge the plan of the man to kill his father and then proceed in killing 200 people before he would kill himself.

Moreover, the school where the threat was addressed to immediately acted on the situation and took the threat seriously. They have informed the parents of their students and gave limited access to anyone who enters the school. Security was raised and the school’s administration have done all that they could do to protect their students and staffs. According to the officials, they will be taking all the threats seriously and be cautious enough so that none of the incident could happen ever again.