North Korea faces tighter sanctions from the United States

After North Korea pursued its nuclear test last February, the United States was prompted to give stricter sanctions on its foreign exchange bank. The said sanction was made after gaining a vote from the United Nations. The tension between the two countries was also brought about by the partnership of the U.S. and South Korea on the various exercises.

Amidst the ongoing tension, North Korea has already cut the hotline between the South and North. A spokesman from the White House also said that the action that North Korea has been doing is creating tension and is intimidating other countries. The White House was also concerned of North Korea’s rhetoric. A spokesperson for the UN Secretary General said that the term of the Korean War armistice does not necessarily free the North and South Korea. The two countries are still at war over the armistice.

The representative of the South Korean President, Park Geun-hye said that the president will visit the United States in May to tackle issues about the recent situation in both the South and North Korea. The said visit will be her first overseas trip as the President. North Korea had another round of nuclear test last February 12. The United Nations Security Council already submitted a resolution to expand its sanctions focusing on North Korea’s finances related to funding the nuclear test. The sanctions were made on the Foreign Trade Bank of North Korea, the primary bank of the North. Included in the sanction is the Chairman of North Korea’s Second Economic Committee, Paek Se-bong. He was reported to have seen the production of missiles in the North. Other three officials in North Korea were also sanctioned by the United States.