New York City to Ban the Use of Styrofoam

New York City is one known and big city in the United States. The city has many regulations to protect the environment. Thanks to their Mayor who is always known for making very tough laws concerning the city and its people. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has delivered his speech addressed to the New Yorkers. The mayor plans to ban the use of Styrofoam. The mayor wants to remove the commonly used plastic containers in some food stalls and restaurant because it is increasing the percentage of recycling. The Styrofoam is hard to recycle and thus this adds to the burden of so many people wanting to get rid of the said garbage.

The Mayor has been implementing regulations like the “No Smoking Zones” in Central park. He as a leader in the city was concern enough in the reduction of waste and keeping the metro clean as possible. New York welcomes a lot of visitors each year. So many tourists would want to see the Big Apple and tour different sites and view from the bustling city.

In the said speech, reactions did vary from different people including the food business sector. They are mostly having a hard time to react to the said ban that will somehow take place soon in the city. They have reported that it is not only New York who would be implementing the said ban on plastics because other cities in the United States have already started banning plastic. The said cities include Massachusetts, Washington, and Seattle. The Mayor was always controversial in almost all his regulations and initiative for the city of New York.