Mukhtar Mai’s Fight for Pakistani Women’s Rights

Women in Pakistan did not have the fair treatment. Most of them were oppressed and did not have enough rights to defend themselves. They are deprived of education. Not everyone is respected and most feel like they are an unimportant part of the society. There are many cases on women oppression around the world. Last year and this year, we hear of gang rape news and women being murdered. We see a lot of these things that has been happening for too long are too much for the women to bear. In India alone, many teenagers are afraid of being molested. In South Africa, women are fighting against violence, and in some other parts of the world, women cry for justice. All of these women wanted to be free from oppression and be given equal rights to education.

In 2002, a Pakistani woman who was a gang rape victim was expected to commit suicide. The woman named Mukhtar Mai made her name known for she spoke against women oppression. Instead of taking her life away, she used her experienced to fight back, not for herself but for many other victims and women who were one with her advocacy. She was strong enough to fight and get the justice that she so much deserved. Up to now after a decade after the incident that she encountered, she still continues to fight and spread her inspiring words globally.

Mai was one woman who bravely spoke against an order in Pakistan. It is known that in Pakistan most of the rape cases are not reported because a lot of women feared but for Mai, she was not quiet about it. She was very eager to fight for her rights and she said that she would not want the same thing to happen to other women.