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  • A March in favor of Gun Control in the U.S.

    The gun violence in the United States has been very rampant last year. A lot of the citizens in the US were already alarmed of the accidents involving the use of guns in their country. More than a dozen of innocent people die because of unexpected violence even among young children and teenagers. The government

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  • Europe’s Unemployment a Serious Problem

    Unemployment is an economic condition marked by the fact that individuals actively seeking jobs remain not hired.The unemployment in Europe does not seem to return to its normal level due to the recession that has been going on and now on its fifth year. The unemployment rate increased in the last couple of years in

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  • NASA’s Rover, Ready to Drill on Mars

    A highly anticipated drilling on Mars is set to happen. NASA’s Curiosity rover is to drill a rock outcrop as flat as a pool table that is expected to make a fresh insight into the red planet’s history. Curiosity rover will soon drill for the first rock sample in an area that NASA scientists call

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