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Leaders Pushing for EU to Impose Further Financial Sanctions Against Russia

Russia’s involvement in the political instability of Ukraine by annexing Crimea and inflaming the situation by arming the pro-Russian rebels in Donetsk puts it in a dire political situation as leaders of different countries push for further financial sanctions against Russia by the European Union.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French Prime Minister Francois Holland had called for EU for increased sanctions against Russia for being involved in the crisis. Cameron had conversed with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Sunday.

The three leaders have also pushed for prioritising the security of the crash site and ensure that the victims’ bodies are returned to their loved ones immediately.

According to Cameron’s spokesman, Vladimir Putin has a very big role to persuade the separatists to lay down their arms.

Russia had publicly called for an international investigation regarding the incident. However, it had vociferously denied any involvement in the shooting down of MH17.

US Secretary of State John Kerry had warned Russia that evidence points to its involvement in the provision of arms to pro-Russian rebels. US Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond had said Russia places itself in a situation that it could be isolated from the international community because of its actions.

The complex usage of the military equipment is already evidence of Russia’s involvement. A short-term training will help the rebels make use of the armaments effectively. Hammond said Russia is methodically obstructing the peace process in Ukraine.


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