US Rejects Russia’s “Rushed” Referendum Regarding Crimea

March 13, 2014 by Alvin

The US rejected Russia’s referendum to annex Crimea saying that the entire document was “rushed” in just a few weeks after the Russian military invaded many Crimean military bases and government offices. According to US President Barack Obama, the referendum and act violated international law and the Ukrainian constitution.

Obama said that Russia compared its situation with Scotland’s “breaking-off” with the United Kingdom, which was not the same entirely. According to Obama, decisions had been made by a national government and it took a long, deliberative process. Russia’s referendum was produced in only a few weeks, which indicated it will lack the other details Russia and Ukraine need to consider.

Obama added that the referendum actually does not include the views of the opposition against the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

Previously, Russian forces have seized weaponry from the Ukraine military. Ukrainian soldiers marched carrying a Soviet-era flag to the dominated bases and were threatened by the Russian forces that they halt in their position or their legs will be shot.

The US said that it will reject any referendum that will be put forward and the country is looking to see a diplomatic development in the next several days regarding Russia and Ukraine.


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