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Young Pakistani Couple Used as a Warning Against Unpermitted Weddings

The killing of a Pakistani couple who married for love by the parents of the woman serves as a warning against young girls who wish to marry without the permission of their parents in Pakistan. The mother of Saijad Ahmed, a 31-year old man, had posted photos of her son and his lover, who were beheaded in front of their village.

According to Pakistani Police, it was a case of honour killing. The couple were tortured before they were killed with throat slits.

The bride, Muafia Bibi, was only 17 years old, was killed by his father and grandfather. The two bodies showed signs of severe torture with multiple traumas and injuries to the head.

According to the village residents, the parents and the relatives of the woman showed initial support for the couple. When they reached the town, they were drugged by the woman’s family. A witness said the torturers tied their arms and legs, and had their mouths gagged with clothes.

The witness added that the children of their family watch what happens to children who partake in unpermitted weddings. He then shouted he will kill his daughter and her husband.

According to human rights groups, honour killings are common in Pakistan, with many written as domestic accidents or suicides.


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