John Deere 7410

john deere 7410

The John Deere 7410 is either a 4WD or 2WD row-crop tractor of the 7010 range. From 1997 to 2002, John Deere manufactured this tractor in Waterloo Iowa. The JD 7410 features a 6.8L (4414.0 cu*in), six-cylinder diesel engine. There are three transmission options: a fully-synchronized transmission with 12 forward/4 reverse gears, or a partial speed shift transmission with 16 forward/16 reverse gears.

John Deere PowerTech 668 engine powered the John Deere 7410 row-crop tractors. It is a 6.8L (6.784 cm2), (414.0 Cu*in), six cylinders turbocharged petrol engine. It has a cylinder bore of 106.0 mm (4.17 In) and a stroke of 127.0 mm (5 In) The compression ratio rating is 10.0:1. This engine produced 121.7 PS (89.5kW and 120.0 HP at 2,100 rpm) and 490.9N*m (50.1kg*m; 361.8 ft*lb torque), 56.8L 2WD Oil Capacity and 64.4L 4WD Oil Capacity.

john deere 7410
john deere 7410

The JD 7410 features power steering, hydraulic brakes, ComfortGard cabin, and 189.3 Litres (50 US gall. ; 41.6 Imp. gal) fuel tank.

John Deere produced the 7410 farm-tractor model. It was available in the USA from 1997 to 2002 at a price of 56,000 USD. This tractor is 96 inches wide [243 cm] in length, 168 inch [426cm] long and 111.6 inch [283cm] tall (2WD). It has a wheelbase of 112.1inches [284cm] (4WD). This tractor can take ag tire sizes of 11.00-16 (2WD) frontal and 11.00-16 (4WD) backal.

john deere 7410
john deere 7410

Modification Options

John Deere 7410 could be ordered in:

  • Hi-Crop options. Drop-axle housings were available for the Hi-Crop.
  • High-Clearance options. High-Clearance used row-crop-axles with taller tires.
john deere 7410
john deere 7410


Our opinion about John Deere 70410 Diesel engine. Decisively powerful engine. Effective, but not average. Good value and performance. PTO with excellent specifications. No emergency brake assist. Typical 2WD drive. Traditional hydrostatic control.

I had a 6420 tractor at the time that was just not sufficient for the job. I reached a deal with the dealer to purchase a 7410 from them that they had traded. It only had 8900 hours. On it, it had just over 8900 hours.

If you closed your eye, you would have believed you were in my 6420. I meant that everything was as good as new. Everything was as good as it used to be, with just a few more hours. The tractor was mentioned to me the next time I called service. He told me that the tractor was new and that all hours had been recorded. He looked at the service records to confirm that it was not modified at JD.

I owned a 7410 for many years. It did a lot of work for me. I was kicked several times by myself for trading it. Guy who purchased it recently traded it in. He also got a lot of use out of it. It is one of the best tractors that I ever owned.

I would not tell anyone about this tractor that only has 1,700 hours. It was the best JD series we have ever owned. While I like the 6150R tractor we have, I’d still love to have a 7410.

The 7410 that you are looking at was ours. It was a great tractor. We bought it brand new and sold it last fall. It was the only green tractor that we ever owned. Kinda wish that we could have bought another 7410.

Love my 7410. I think that series is one the most beautiful ever.

7410 was targeted at medium-duty loader users. It did well in that application. It was a loud exhaust note, which some people loved while others hated. On cabs, be aware of the lower glass at floor level on either side of “column”. It was held in with cheap plastic fasteners. Sometimes they failed to hold it in. A lot of engine noise was produced when this happened.

If you are prone to leaving metal parts, such as tools, on the floor they can roll around and smack those same windows out. It was very easy to see out of the cab. However, it is a little frustrating when the lower windows break. Engine and hydraulics were nearly bulletproof. Front axles were HEAVY. Only problem I know about is occasional seal leaks [Deere’s long-term weakness]. The tire load limit is the only thing that limits this front axle. Good luck.

7410 was the first MFWD that we bought. It has been a good tractor. Similar to the front windows except that ours had rusted. The only other issues were that the pto engaging button and the mfwd indicator lights had burned out. It is capable of doing everything that 4455s with duals could do.

john deere 7410
john deere 7410
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