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US Drops Weapons, Supplies to Aid Kurdish Fighters in Kobane

A US military update announced that Kurdish forces fighting in Kobane had received weapons, ammunition and medical supplies from the US and Kurdish authorities. Three C-130 cargo aircraft had delivered “multiple” successful airdrops of supplies in the battlezone. However, political analysts fear that this move may enrage Turkey.

Turkey’s standoff against Kurds continues as they consider the PKK, a Kurdistan Political Party a terrorist group. The US and NATO declared this group as terrorists. Turkey fears that some Kurds fighting in Kobane are involved with the PKK, who reports their fighters are active in Kobane.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a formal announcement that his government would never arm the Kurdish fighters because they are equal to the PKK. He also said that the US will be wrong to expect Turkey to provide the same support for the fighters.

Senior officials said that US President Barack Obama had informed Erdogan prior to the airdrop. They also said the United States understands the “long-term” sentiments of Turkey, but they said the Kurdish fighters are the only hope to erase ISIS.

The US military said they will advance their operations against cutting off the Islamic State’s (IS) supply lines. In the past two days, Kurdish advances combined with US air superiority had eliminated 70 IS fighters in Kobane.


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