Thousands of Inquiries Triggered After Discovery of Blonde Girl in Greece

October 21, 2013 by Alvin

Smile of the Child, a Greek charity said that from the thousands of inquiries worldwide regarding the identity of a child found after a police raid, 10 “promising leads” have been found. The charity group dedicated to the well-being of children launched an international appeal to identify the child’s original parents after her discovery in the Roma camp raided by local authorities.

The campaign, which began two days ago, had the Smile of the Child organization more than 10,000 calls and emails worldwide from the United States, Canada, Australia, Scandinavia, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Smile of the Child’s International Communications Officer Panaghiotis Partalis said that many of the calls and emails came from parents and families who have lost their children years ago. Photos of the inquiries revealed 10 cases that bear a genuine resemblance to the child. The organization will follow up these leads to find a link between the child and the respectful parties.

The police discovered the child, who answers to the name Maria, after raiding a Roma settlement near Farsala in Larissa, Greece. The raid intended to find weapons and drugs smuggled by nearby settlers. The officers found the child in the house of a couple with 13 other dark-Skinned children. The child could not talk in Greek but was familiar with the Roma language


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