More Than 11,000 Children Had Died in Syrian Civil War

December 20, 2013 by Alvin

Syria’s years-old civil war had taken greater tolls on civilians rather than any other faction in the war. Almost 11,420 had died in the clashes between the government and opposition. By the end of 2013, the Oxford Research Group in London estimates this number is so far the number of children who had been hit in crossfires, bombings and who had died in the gas attack in the country.

Stories and documented videos from Syrian children had spread all over the internet. According to Oxford, children told stories about rockets falling in front of him, seeing dead bodies and burials, and people dying in front of their eyes from bullets and attacks from one another.

Oxford estimates that Syrian children likely die because of explosions and indiscriminate weaponry used by both factions in the civil war. However, some children also die through grisly executions and intentional shots by snipers on both sides. Oxford reports they have 112 recorded cases of children who had died through torture.

On account of Syrian refugees, the 2 million scattered to Jordan and other neighbouring countries have more than half of them children.

According to human rights groups, the Syrian civil war takes its toll on its future. The children of Syria, lacking education, a proper upbringing and environment to grow, have their present destroyed along with their future if the war does not come to an end.


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