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June 4, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Homemade Low-Carb Candied Pecan Delights
Jimmy Moore
May 20, 2006

The following is a reprint from the blog "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb":

These candied pecans are a deliciously healthy snack anytime

I have about five pecan trees in my yard that shower my yard with literally thousands of pecans every year. My dear wife Christine was bound and determined this year to harvest as many of those pecans as she could since she knew I could eat them as part of my ongoing low-carb weight maintenance plan.

A few months ago, she gathered up bowl upon bowl of these things until they were coming out of her ears. Then she took it upon herself to crack them from their shell, remove the nut from the shell, and bag them up in ziplock baggies for the freezer. I've been eating on pecans ever since.

Now I have this fantastic Sugar-Free Candied Pecans recipe that will help me use up even more of those pecans in my freezer and this one is sure to delight everyone in your household who wants a little something sweet to eat heading into the summer months. You'll get the taste of candy without all the sugar and carbs you definitely do not need! ENJOY!


1 pound shelled pecans (I've got plenty!)
4 tablespoons Expert Foods Not/Sugar thickener
1/4 cup Splenda
Pinch salt
Several packets of Splenda

Preheat oven to 325°F and cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper or foil.

1. Rinse nuts with water and drain well.

2. Mix ThickenThin not/Sugar thickener with sugar substitute and salt.

3. Transfer nuts to a large bowl. Sprinkle with not/Sugar mixture and mix until nuts are well-coated.

4. Place on prepared cookie sheet and bake at 325°F for 25 minutes or until nuts are dry and crisp with a toasted flavor. Periodically turn and separate the nuts (into individual pieces or small nut-brittle-like clusters) so that all surfaces get dry.

5. Remove from oven and cool. Test for sweetness - if not sweet enough, sprinkle with additional packets of sweetener to taste.

Makes 16 servings.

Calorie: 195
Fat: 19.2g fat
Total Carbs: 6.6g
Net Carbs: 3.0g
Protein: 2.2g protein 

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