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June 2, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Is The World Ready For 'The Great Cholesterol Con' Anthony Colpo Exposes?
Jimmy Moore
June 1, 2006

The following is a reprint from the blog "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb":

Anthony Colpo is sure to ruffle some feathers with his debut book

Are you a natural skeptic when it comes to the health information you receive from medical professionals? Do you believe that doctors secretly scheme with pharamaceutical companies to prescribe drugs to people who really don't need to take them in order to make money? Are you tired of hearing about the low-fat lie that's been shoved down our throats for the past three decades?

Then allow me to introduce you to someone you really need to know about -- Anthony Colpo!

Affectionately known as "The Omnivore Guy" because of his highly successful health web site called TheOmnivore.com, Colpo is turning heads now that he has released his well-documented, carefully researched and highly anticipated new 368-page book entitled "The Great Cholesterol Con."

Click here to order your own copy of this important book

Describing the cholesterol crisis as "the greatest scam in the history of medicine," Colpo looked through decades of research to prove that heart disease has nothing to do with saturated fat consumption or even elevated cholesterol levels. In fact, he found during his research that people with lower levels of blood cholesterol actually live much shorter lives than people with these "dangerous" total cholesterol levels above 200.

Colpo also said saturated fat, the great enemy of the Dr. Dean Ornish low-fat propaganda machine we've been spoon-fed for the past quarter century, actually helps people enjoy the lowest rates of heart disease in the world! How ya like them apples?! In fact, the low-fat diet recommended by the so-called health "experts" to lower the risk of heart disease has actually been the direct cause of an INCREASE in heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Yikes!

As I have said before at my blog and Colpo agrees, the proliferation of cholesterol-lowering prescriptions has more to do with turning a large profit than it does with improving public health.

I haven't had the privilege of reading this book yet because it just released, but I will be reviewing it for you very soon at my blog after my copy arrives in the mail. Colpo explains in great detail with no pretenses what the TRUTH about cholesterol really is and how it has very little to do with the risk of heart disease that doctors are so up in arms about.

An ad for "The Great Cholesterol Con" states:

"After reading this book, you'll know more about cholesterol and heart disease than most doctors! And more importantly, you'll discover what really promotes heart disease and what you can do to prevent it!"

In light of my recent concerns over my cholesterol rising and my doctor's quick proclivity to put me on prescription drugs to lower my cholesterol so I don't have a heart attack (that's what he told me), I would have to say it was fortuitous timing that Colpo's book came along at this time and I am anxious to read what he has to say on the subject of cholesterol and heart disease.

Plus, I just received confirmation from Colpo today that he would be happy to fulfill my request for an interview to discuss his new book and the revolutionary ideas about cholesterol and heart disease that he discusses in it. If there is anything you would like for me to ask Anthony Colpo, then please feel free to e-mail me your ideas at .

I'm beginning to feel better about my decision to make better dietary choices while staying off the prescription drugs for lowering my cholesterol now. Colpo is on to something HUGE here that could very well shake the medical community to its very core! And that wouldn't be a bad thing either. :D Dr. Atkins would be so proud of him!

Be looking for my book review of "The Great Cholesterol Con" as well as my exclusive interview with Colpo coming very soon to the "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog. 

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