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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Polygamy, Murder and Inez Tenenbaum?
Jimmy Moore
July 16, 2003

This article is nothing like any that I've ever written before. I thought it would be fun for at least one article to become a blogger and express my opinion about multiple issues all in one issue. Here goes my blogging debut:

Christian Polygamy?

Get this. I discovered a website called Truthbearer.org that is advocating a Christian line of thinking in favor of polygamy. No, it’s not Mormonism (because everyone knows that they’re not Christians). These Christian polygamists claim that just as Christians, also known as the church, are the bride of Christ, man should have many different wives. Can I call this what it is? Disgusting! Immoral. If God intended for man to have multiple wives, then he would have given Adam not just Eve, but also Sally, Betty and Jennifer to be his wives! God promised man a helpmate, not many different helpmates. This is just plain whacked!

Knock-knock...Who’s There? Baby Murder Supporters!

Yeah, that’s right. NARAL is encouraging people who believe in the right for people to kill their unknown babies to go door-to-door on July 19-20 and July 26-27 to support the cause. They bill this as a “powerful” and “fun” way to get the whole family involved in an important issue (oh boy, let’s get little Bobby Joe and Sue Anne to go bug our neighbors about protecting the right to murder innocent babies! What joy that will be!). For people who are shy about meeting people in person, the pro-abortion group urges people to sign up “FIVE friends in FIVE days” to support their cause during the week of July 21. These abortion-lovers can sign up at prochoiceaction.org. Sick!

Are We Dumbing Down the U.S. Constitution?

A congressional staffer for a Democrat lawmaker has rewritten the U.S. Constitution into “modern, plain language” so ignorant students can understand it better. For example, the First Amendment says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The new translation says that “Congress cannot make any law to create a government church, to keep people from practicing any religion they please (or not).” While I agree that it is a good thing to get our kids interested in what the U.S. Constitution says, why do we need to dumb it down to the education level of an elementary school student? Whatever happened to explaining difficult concepts to students to stretch their minds? It’s a lost concept in today’s education...obviously!

Teen Gambling Epidemic

It doesn’t surprise me to learn that millions of American teenagers are now addicted to gambling. With easy access to gambling, such as lottery tickets, card games and a multitude of games on the Internet, the problem will not get better as these young gamblers continue to cultivate poor habits into their adult life. All the surveys show that about a third of high school students gamble regularly. And the problem is beginning to show up even in middle schoolers as well. Furthermore, it has been found that young gamblers are likely to smoke, drink alcohol, use illegal drugs and commit crimes. When proponents of the lottery in South Carolina, including former Gov. Jim Hodges, asked what harm could be done with an innocent little “education” lottery was enacted last year, little did they know how foolish they were about the societal impact it would have. The evidence is undeniable that it was the WRONG thing to do! Gambling for the sake of “education” is the worst lesson we could ever teach our children!

What’s the big deal about Inez Tenenbaum’s political future?

We’re all sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what Inez Tenenbaum is going to do. Ooohh! Will the Democrat’s only hope in South Carolina choose to enter the U.S. Senate race against a likely GOP opponent in DeMint or Condon? Or will she hold out until 2006 for a matchup with Gov. Mark Sanford? I say who gives a flying you know what about the political future of Inez Tenenbaum. She’s a VERY weak political opponent. Yeah, she may have gotten re-elected as state Superintendent of Education by defeating a very weak field of candidates in 2002, but we’re talking about the big leagues now. She is far from being electable for the U.S. Senate or Governor in South Carolina. It can’t and won’t happen in this lifetime or ever. Mark my words.

You know, I like this blogging format. You can certainly get a lot off your chest jumping around from topic to topic at will. What do you have to say about any or all of these topics? I await your responses!

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