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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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I Like Bob Peeler!
Jimmy Moore
June 19, 2002

I like Bob Peeler!

As South Carolinaís Republican Lt. Governor for the past eight years, Bob Peeler has had a solid record of doing nothing legislatively. In fact, the total number of tiebreaking votes he has cast in his tenure as the leader in the State Senate can be counted on just one hand! While the State Senate has been busy debating legislation that will improve South Carolina, Bob Peeler has taken it easy in what he calls his ďpart-time jobĒ as Lt. Governor. This is hardly a voting record worth running for Governor on, donít you think Mr. Peeler? The people of South Carolina will decide for themselves.

This is clearly not personal!

Riding around the state in his big red pickup truck, Bob Peeler talks about how he has lowered car taxes. But when you look at your car tax bill and you see a new road usage fee applied, you realize that you are actually paying MORE in property taxes on your vehicle than you did before Peelerís car tax relief plan went into effect. Now that Bob Peeler is leading the charge against property taxes on owner occupied homes and cars in his run for Governor, can we expect our taxes to go up again? That is his track record, you know!

Iím not digging, I am just talking about the issues that matter!

Bob Peeler likes to brag about his faith in God. Isnít it ironic that he stayed away from the issue of religion until it suited him best for political purposes? The Peeler campaign flooded the airwaves with radio and television ads in the last two weeks before the primary exalting how Bob Peelerís faith guides his life. He even brought a tear to my eye talking about how humble he is and how he would be blessed to be my next Governor. Jolting myself back to reality, I surmised that someone who has a genuine faith in God doesnít have to tell other people how good a Christian he is. They will know it by the love and actions he shows. I guess Bob Peelerís faith allows him to lie, hate and speak ill of others since that is exactly what he has been doing since the runoff election began! What church teaches THAT, Mr. Peeler?

Iím not saying negative things about anybody!

On the issue of the Powerball, Bob Peeler originally said he was against it. Then, in a GOP gubernatorial debate last summer in Spartanburg, he said that he would be in favor of allowing Powerball to come to South Carolina. Then, at the GOP gubernatorial debate at Bob Jones University in Greenville a few weeks ago, Peeler chastised Charlie Condon for saying Peeler was for the Powerball. Peeler answered emphatically that he was against it! So which is it? Are you FOR or AGAINST the Powerball, Mr. Peeler? Can you make up your mind on this issue, school prayer, the Confederate flag and other issues that South Carolina voters care about? Will you change your mind on these issues again if you become the next Governor?

Remember, this isnít personal!

When the Peeler campaign was caught in the middle of a controversy over an anonymous postcard trashing the voting record of Mark Sanford on the eve of the primary election, the reaction from them was to deny any knowledge of it. At the same time, the Peeler campaign did not decry this kind of gutter politics. Rather, they availed themselves of the opportunity to say that the information in the postcard seems to be an accurate portrayal of the former Congressmanís record. Let me see if I got this straight. The postcard attacking Mark Sanford didnít come from the Peeler campaign although their fingerprints were all over it. Nevertheless, the Peeler campaign fully supports what was in the postcard. Smells like a rat to me!

Donít forget, Bob is my good friend!

Finally, Bob likes to capitalize on his familyís milk business while he has been campaigning for Governor, even though the business was sold several years ago. Peeler tries to maintain the public image that heís a good old boy who made it big by dragging around a giant cow everywhere he goes. Once a politician, always a politician, though. Heís doing whatever he has to do to get elected. The cow would make a great lawn ornament when you lose next weekís runoff, Mr. Peeler.

Like I have said before, I say all this because I like Bob Peeler!

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