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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Book Review: Sean Hannity's Let Freedom Ring
Jonathan Pait
May 15, 2003

Why do we pick up these books by media personalities? I mean when you read Rush Limbaugh’s The Way Things Ought to Be, did you really expect to hear anything other than you have heard for the last 15 years? No, you mostly read the same ideas with a little more meat around the bones. The same thing goes for Sean Hannity’s Let Freedom Ring.

Actually, I ended up with two of Sean’s books. It was one of those Christmas disaster stories. Two of my relatives gave me subscriptions to World magazine and along with the subscription came a copy of Let Freedom Ring. I’m enjoying my issues of World and I finally got around to reading the book while on vacation last week.

The book is an easy read though the chapters seem to stretch on a little longer than was probably necessary. I covered about three chapters a day. The chapters easily divide into issues. Hannity takes an issue and shares his personal views while pulling from radio and television interviews to flesh out his and his opponents’ positions.

He jumps in with the issue of national security and makes strong references to 9/11. The first five chapters deal with national defense, the terrorism threats and border security. In chapter six, he makes a transition to more social and domestic issues. Western Culture, education, abortion, the environment and taxes make up the middle portion of the book. The last three chapters were the most enjoyable for me because they gave me a better understanding of the man who is Sean Hannity.

One of the reasons we pick up these books (besides wanting to pick up our choir books and sing along) is that we want to learn a little more about these personalities that we have come to call by their first names. You don't learn much about them by watching E!. In the final three chapters -- Winning the Political Wars, Winning the Media Wars and What Really Matters – Hannity combines a little of his personal history, views on family and faith while being passionate about the steps it will take to hold forth the principles we conservatives hold dear. It left me pumped up and a little convicted.

I finished the book as my wife was driving us home to Greenville from the Isle of Palms. I slapped the book closed shortly before reaching Columbia and said, “Well, that’s done.” She asked, “What is the advantage of reading a book like that?” It made me stop and think about it. Really, I picked the book up because it was there. Now, I’m glad I did. While Sean Hannity doesn’t know me from Adam, in a way, we are the same. It was nice to read many of my thoughts and understand that I am not alone and that we conservatives are not without a voice in the national media.

Thanks, Sean.

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I picked up the book the other day.....I had a choice....read seans book....or have my skin peeled off slowly and salt poured on my naked flesh...I choose the latter.  . . .

Read the rest.

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