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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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AND ACTION: South Carolina, you can still let Lindsey Graham know your pain
Benj Buck
May 24, 2005

A recent move by Senator L. Graham hands power over to the liberal minority in the Senate.  Graham’s gift comes at a crucial moment.  As the President attempts to provide judges who will uphold our constitution, the liberals promote candidates who desire to legislate from the bench.  Senator L. Graham, if a true conservative, has nothing to gain from such a move.  Knowing the liberals’ agenda, why would any true conservative reach across the isle, not to just shake hands, but to give power?  Outrageous! 


Graham suggests that he and his moderate friends strive to provide a means to get good judges.  Graham, we the people made a statement when we voted in a predominately conservative Senate; are you suggesting that in order to have “good judges” we need to give power to the minority?


Now I will say this, I respect a leader when he goes against the grain when he has his people’s best interest in mind.  After all, acting on principle as opposed to partisanship is respectable. However, for a Senator to make the people back home mad for personal advancement is intolerable.  Senator Graham seems to have betrayed his constituents for his own profit.  And to be honest, I don't understand what that profit is at this point.


In the meantime, South Carolinians should take a stand.  It is not too late to let our Senator know that we feel betrayed.


Contact Lindsey Graham’s office by clicking here.  As you write, keep the following in mind

  • Refrain from name calling
  • Stay to the point
  • Be sure to state what steps you want Graham to take next and the benefits of these steps
  • Never threaten with your vote
  • Request a response
  • Post your note in the comments for others to read

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This column is passionate but short-sighted. If you carefully consider the agreement, power is not vested in a liberal minority but in 7 Democrats who are not closely aligned with their party leadership and who have nothing to gain by permiting a filibuster over any judicial nominee. . . .

Read the rest.

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