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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Don't leave out the Lone Star State
Jonathan Pait
May 3, 2005

South Carolina, Minnesota, Nevada, Missouri, and Georgia now have their own versions of The Common Voice. Plans are underway for several other states to have their own versions as well. The response by possible editors for these sites has been encouraging. It will be a pleasure working with them. Still, there is a big star missing from the crown.


With the Lone Star State I have decided to take a different approach. Rather than finding a managing editor for the state and then creating the web site, I have decided to create the web site and let it find the managing editor. Iíll keep readers up to date with how things progress.

What am I talking about? Click here to read the idea that started it all. However, if you donít have time, Iíll explain it as quickly as I can.

The community is unique in that it allows the readers to choose the news. There are many news sources out there. There are even some good tools that help your filter your news to those things that interest you Ė that is not our goal. Our goal is to give users an interactive tool where they can express what they think are the important issues by submitting them to the site. The community then interacts with these headlines and the site adjusts to this input. Ultimately, you will find what issue is interesting the readers that day as it appears as the top headline.

The problem is that The Common Voice began to be overwhelmed with headlines scattered across the country. You can have too much of a good thing! It seems that the best way to take the pressure off the site is to create regional sites. This allows users in that area to focus on the issues closest to them. The Common Voice becomes the center of an expanding network. A network that should include a state such as Texas!

So, the call is going out to all Texans. We are in need of a managing editor for the site. It isnít just something in the planning stages. It is a site sitting and waiting for some enterprising person who enjoys interacting with others, loves keeping up with news and issues and who would like to help make a difference in the great state of Texas.

Sound like you? Read more about the editorís vision for this community and visit the site. If you are interested, contact me.

The crown just wonít be complete without you.

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