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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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2006 Principals of the Year Announced
January 24, 2006

Contact:  Brent Horne,
Tuesday, January 24, 2006
(803) 798-8380,

Six outstanding administrators have been tapped by the South Carolina Association of School Administrators as the Principals of the Year.  "SCASA is proud to have these school leaders as representatives of the tremendous talent in our public education system," Molly Spearman, Executive Director of SCASA announced.

The winners are:
Secondary Principal of the Year -- Dr. Kristi Woodall [Union High, Union]
Secondary Asst. Principal of the Year -- Ms. Marlene Davis [Gaffney High, Cherokee]
Middle School Principal of the Year -- Marisa Vickers [Hand Middle, Richland One]
Middle Asst. Principal of the Year -- Polli Vaughn [Sullivan Middle, York Three]
Elementary Principal of the Year -- Jerome A. Hudson [Palmetto Elem., Anderson One]
Elementary Asst Principal of Year -- Sandra S. Moore [Jesse S. Bobo Elem.,
Spartanburg Six]

Woodall and Vickers will now compete for national honors in their respective divisions and will be honored during the fall in Washington, DC.

Secondary Principal of the Year
WoodallDr. Kristi Woodall, principal of Union High School, Union County, has been named the MetLife/NASSP Principal of the Year by the Secondary Principals Division of SCASA and has served as a principal for the past five years.  Her strength, as described by her superintendent is leadership...leadership in the areas of curriculum, instruction and
assessment.  Her local member of the House of Representatives named her to represent Union County on the South Carolina State Board of Education where she currently serves. Involvement with the local Rotary club and other civic and church organizations is an important part of her weekly schedule.

Mrs. Marlene Davis, assistant principal of Gaffney High School, Cherokee School District is representing the Secondary Principals Division of SCASA as the Assistant Principal of the Year. She has been an assistant principal for eight years. Her motto for students is...."Never, never ever give up" and the sign outside her door serves as a reminder to this dedicated and spirited administrator. Her superintendent states that he has never been involved with anyone more dedicated and committed to student achievement than Mrs. Davis.  
Middle Level Principal of the Year
VICKERSMarissa Vickers is recognized as the MetLife/NASSP Principal of the year and as the NAESP National Distinguished Principal. She first served as an administrator for seventeen years, the last five as principal at the award-winning Hand Middle School, Richland School District One.  Her school has been recognized by the South Carolina General Assembly as a leader in integrating the arts as an essential component of every subject taught.  She has served as President of the Middle Level Division of SCASA and as a Board Member of the Middle School Association. 

Polli S. Vaughn, assistant principal at Sullivan Middle School, York District Three is named by the Middle Level Division as the Middle Level Assistant Principal of the Year. She has served education for over 25 years including the past 4 years as an Assistant Middle School Principal. She is an involved assistant principal by sharing lessons with teachers, developing laboratory experiences, creating staff development opportunities and by participating in community activities. Certified as a National Board Teacher, she models excellence in everything she does.

Elementary Principal of the Year
Jerome A. Hudson, principal of Palmetto Elementary School, Anderson One has received the honor of National Distinguished Principal by the NAESP/AIG VALIC and  the Elementary Division of SCASA. He has served as a principal for 15 years, the past 12 in his current school.  He states that tries to lead by example and to manage a delicate balance that of manager and leader.  His school is the center of the community in this small upstate town. His school has been honored the last two years as a Carolina First Palmetto's Finest Finalist.

Mrs. Sandra S. Moore, assistant principal of Jesse Bobo Elementary School, Spartanburg School District Six is honored as the Elementary Division Assistant Principal of the year. She has been an assistant principal for the past 14 years. Described by her Principal as the "Mama" to many first year and veteran teachers, she is far more than an instructional leader.  She has a unique ability to connect with faculty and staff.


Brent Horne
Associate Communications Director
S.C. Association of School Administrators

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