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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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South Carolina Manufacturers Step Up To The Challenge: Offer Relief For Hurricane Katrina Victims
October 10, 2005

For Immediate Release


Russell Hightower


Columbia, SC – Oct. 5, 2005 - Words simply cannot describe the devastation we have all witnessed over the past month.  Hurricane Katrina’s impact on the Gulf Coast will remain for a generation or more and will likely alter permanently the way of life for many of the residents in that region.  Describing this catastrophe as the worst natural disaster in United States history is accurate but hardly seems adequate given the horrific scenes that now dominate every major television network.  


President Bush and elected officials from the affected states have asked Americans from all walks of life to give as we have never given before, and even a quick read of national and local newspapers has demonstrated that America’s manufacturing sector is responding in unprecedented fashion.  To that end, the South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance has encouraged each of our members to do whatever they can to assist in the efforts to aid and rebuild these communities.  The manufacturing community in South Carolina has stepped up to the challenge and has donated items from diapers to cargo containers.  Donations of products, time, and money by not only our member companies but also by their employees are increasing daily.  Details of some of these donations can be found below. 

§      Alcoa Primary Metals – donated money through the Alcoa Foundation; matching all employee donations made to the Red Cross

§      AFL Telecommunications – matching employee contributions to the American Red Cross; aiding in collection of items for comfort care kits for victims relocating to the Greenville area

§      Alice Manufacturing - matching employee contributions

§      AstenJohnson – donating $100,000; matching employee contributions up to an additional $100,000

§      Atotech USA –matching employee contributions; TOTAL American Services has also donated $1 million

§      BASF – donated $1 million; set up the BASF Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund

§      Bowater – donating money; also matching employee contributions to the American Red Cross

§      BP - donated $5 million; provided 100,000 gallons of diesel fuel to power emergency generators

§      Charleston Marine Containers – matching employee contributions; donating shipping containers for water purification systems; donating two shipping containers containing general supplies donated by employees

§      Core Molding Technologies - matching employee contributions

§      DAA Draexlmaier Automotive of America LLC- matching employee contributions

§      Dillon Yarn Corporation – matched employee contributions to give the Red Cross $17,000

§      Duke Power – sent 1,400 employees and contractors to assist; donated $100,000; matching up to $100,000 of employee contributions; launched a food drive in Houston, TX

§      DuPont - five plant sites affected by hurricane; corporate contribution of $1 million; Natural Disaster Loan Assistance program for employee loans/cash advance; national/local banking and cash reserves for plants and employees; nine teams activated to transport HAZMAT equipment, food, water, generators, equipment and tools; tent cities (tents, showers, drinking water, portalets, cots, ice, etc.) for DuPont employees in the affected areas; established a Hurricane Katrina Fund 

§      Glen Raven – coordinating efforts to donate to America’s Second Harvest Food Bank by Glen Raven Transportation

§      Honeywell – donating up to $500,000; donating the company’s Sikorsky 76 helicopter and its crews to FEMA for help with the search and rescue operations

§      Invista – shareholder Koch Industries, Inc. donating $1.25 million; will match additional employee contributions up to $1 million

§      Kimberly-Clark Corporation – donating $250,000; donating $350,000 worth of products including Huggies diapers and baby wipes, Pull-Ups training pants, Scott bathroom tissue and towels, and WypAll wipers; donating $150,000 worth of health care products through Kimberly-Clark’s Health Care business

§      Michelin – donating $100,000; matching employee contribution up to an additional $100,000

§      Milliken & Company - donated $250,000 through the Milliken Foundation to the Salvation Army designated for hurricane relief in the Carolinas and Georgia; collected and shipped 320 cubic feet of supplies; sent hundreds of backpacks and suitcases filled with clothes and school supplies to hurricane shelters.

§      Nan Ya Plastics – matching all employee contributions

§      Nibco Inc. – matching all employee contributions

§      Progress Energy – contributing to the Red Cross; matching employee contributions; sending strike teams to help with the relief effort

§      Springs Industries – donated three tractor trailer loads of products including sheets, towels, and blankets to the Astrodome and Gulfport area; matching employee contributions up to $50,000

§      Tietex – matching all employee contributions; making a corporate donation; donating roofing materials

§      The Timken Company – donating $100,000; matching employee contributions up to an additional $100,000

§      William Barnet and Son LLC – donating $10,000

We continue to hear about efforts by our members everyday.  We will continue to update this list on our website (

SCMA strives to preserve and promote the economic health of manufacturing industries in South Carolina by seeking positive action in state government.  The organization communicates with and educates South Carolina state and local officials and the general public on issues of importance to manufacturing industries—emphasizing that by maintaining strong manufacturing industries in the state, South Carolina's economy will also remain strong.  The single most effective advocate for manufacturing in South Carolina, the SCMA represents more than 100 of the largest manufacturers in this state.

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