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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Harry Cato endorses Tom Ervin
August 12, 2005


August 11, 2005

Greenville Republican House Member Harry Cato has announced his endorsement for Tom Ervin for House District 24 in next Tuesday’s Republican Primary election.

“Tom served fifteen years as a conservative tough-on-crime circuit court judge and is the only candidate in this race with prior legislative experience. He has always worked for conservative measures including a constitutional cap on state spending and anti-crime legislation. Tom’s conservative values and his commitment to property tax relief make him the best choice for the voters of House District 24. I hope I will have the opportunity to work with Tom next year in the General Assembly to provide property tax relief and fight crime,” Rep. Cato said.

Representative Cato is Chairman of the powerful House Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee. He has served in the South Carolina House representing Greenville House District 17 since 1991. Rep. Cato is the owner of Cato Transportation. Cato has served as Chairman of the North Greenville Family YMCA Board of Directors.


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