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June 3, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Let Verne Hang With Strom
Joe from Edisto Island writes:
2/12/2004 8:37:59 PM
"Forgot to note that Clinton (before the newt congress)passed a budget in 1993 without one GOP vote that did not increase the deficit for the first time in decades" - Mikey

Yup, if you are demmocommie, all ya gotta do is pass the largest tax increase in history and viola! the budget is balanced!

Spend all you want... then just go to the well and get some more.

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Mike from Greenville writes:
2/12/2004 3:29:27 PM
Oh yes, joey.

Forgot to note that Clinton (before the newt congress)passed a budget in 1993 without one GOP vote that did not increase the deficit for the first time in decades.

Alan Greenspan has a quote that this was the first step to fiscal responsibility that led to the later balanced budgets.

Reagan/Bush didn't even propose a budget that kept the deficit stable from year to year.

And, most of the Dem candidates will keep the middle class tax cuts but get rid of the tax cuts for the folks who are as wealthy as W.

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Mike from Greenville writes:
2/12/2004 3:23:43 PM

Reagan never even drafted a balanced budget nevermind submit one. He talked a balanced budget never sat down to make one.

In fact, the Dem congress proposed less spending than Reagan in those budgets.

And, Reagan could have vetoed any big spending budget but didn't.

So, overall Reagan preached balanced budgets but never practiced having any.

He was a lousy leader especially on the budget.

[ reply| Previous in thread ]
Joe from Edisto Island writes:
2/12/2004 9:25:27 AM
"Your comparison between JFK's tax cut and these GOP JFK wannabe's doesn't work." says Mikey

Yup, you are correct. JFK (version 1.0) had tax cuts that started as soon as congress passed 'em. But Gee Dubya's 2001 tax cut was deferred or "Back Loaded" as Tom "Poodle" Daschle called it. That means that the Americans had to wait two or three more years (until 2003 and 2004) before the real benenfits of the tax cuts began to be felt in the economy. The tax cuts still won't be fully in effect until 2007 through 2010. And then the Dems 'comprimise' kicks in and INCREASES our taxes back to the draconian 2001 rate... a 100% increase for those that used to be in the bottom bracket and are now in the ZERO % tax bracket, and those in the next to the bottom bracket have a 50% increase when they go from ten to fifteen percent in their taxes. In the mean time, those in the top brackets will see a 6% tax increase when they go from 32% back up to 38%.

But Cubelo Syndrome sufferers would rather see the "rich" punished for their crime of working hard and earning more, and sacrifice impoverished low income workers to a draconian 50% to 100% increase in their tax bracket.

In my humble opinion, ALL Americans should be obligated to pay their fair share of government. With a $2.4 Trillion budget and with 290 million population, every man woman and child's "fair share" is $8,275.

And those that do not pay $33,103 in taxes for a typical family of four, are shifting their "fair share" of the cost of government over to some other person involuntarily. And here I thought we had outlawed slavery...

Does that make Mikey an agent of the Slave Massah?

[ reply| Previous in thread ]
Joe from Edisto Island writes:
2/11/2004 10:36:24 PM
"JFK's tax cuts did not triple the deficit like Reagan's" says Mikey, after not reading that the Democrat controled congress increased spending during the Reagan presidency $1.58 for every $1.00 increase in revenue that the tax cuts generated.

"I do recall a Dem Prez by the name of Clinton who ended his terms with billions in surplus and reducing the federal debt" says Mikey. Ah, but do you also remember that Clinton saw $300b deficits as far as his eyes could see up until the Newt Gangritch Congress "shut down the government" by submitting a budget that had capped spending to a growth rate below that of both inflation and GDP... a budget that Billy refused to sign, "shutting down the government". It was only after the budgetary restraints of the 1994 GOP sweep of Congress with their "Contract With America" did we begin to see the perenial deficit start to diminish, culminating with the surplus that Gee Dubya inherited from Newt's Congress.

By the way, according to the Washington Post, "W's $500 billion deficit" is only 20% caused by his tax cuts. The other 80% was from the Clinton recession that Bush's tax cuts (now that they are finally starting to 'kick-in') are starting to have an affect in stimulating the economy. Those suffering from the Cubelo Syndrome probably haven't noticed, but the Dow has increased by more than 25% and Nasdac by over 50% from first quarter 2003 to first quarter 2004. And all those job losses are being offset by small business job increases and an increase in self employed people... catagories that gummit bureaucrats tend not to monitor.

By the way... as the Dems running for Prez promise to abolish the Bush tax cuts... they are telling those low income folks that they will raise their taxes from 10% to 15%.... a 50% increase, which would be reversing the cuts that Bush gave them while at the same time, cutting the taxes of the wealthiest wage earners by less than 8%. But as the wealthy pay most of the taxes, even an 8% tax cut leaves a greater amount of dollars in the pockets of those that earn them... which further infuriates the socialist statists on the left.

[ reply| Previous in thread ]
Mike from Greenville writes:
2/11/2004 8:00:36 PM

Medicaid bill that costs more than the estimates? Are you talking about W's medicaid prescription program?

JFK's tax cuts did not triple the deficit like Reagan's nor jack it up to over $500 billion like W.

Your comparison between JFK's tax cut and these GOP JFK wannabe's doesn't work.

I do recall a Dem Prez by the name of Clinton who ended his terms with billions in surplus and reducing the federal debt.

Not one GOP Prez accomplished that.

In fact, it took a GOP Prez to piss it all away on tax cuts for his rich pissy peers.

The same peers whose sons and daughters gain wealth without work and without defending our country.

We can look forward to a whole generation of spoiled rich kids like W who can't even show up for duty.

[ reply| Previous in thread ]
Joe from Edisto Island writes:
2/10/2004 10:30:37 PM
"you do recall that JFK/LBJ were leaders in getting civil rights legislation passed" - Mikey

Yes I do.

And I recall Algore's daddy and his pal the Grand Wizard of the KKK, Senator Billy(bob)Byrd wearing their white sheets and burning a cross as they voted against that civil rights act while it was supported by the majority of GOP. I also recall ElBeeJay's grand destroyer of the black family structure, "the welfare state"... a bill that mandated the abandonment of the family by the male father figure before those households were allowed to participate in government's largess.

I also recall a medicaid bill that was supposed to only cost $9 billion by its tenth year... but today it fully consumes more than 20% of the entire descressionary budget.

Yup, I certainly remember ElBeeJay. And I also remember JFK (version 1.0, as opposed to the current JFK wanna be) as he was the one that pioneered the concept of cutting taxes to stimulate the economy. Both his and Ronald Reagan's tax cuts vertually doubled the gross revenue coming into the government. But the Democrat controled congress increased spending during the Reagan presidency $1.58 for every $1.00 increase in revenue that the tax cuts generated.

Thanks Mikey for reminding me of these two previous Democrat Presidents and the most significent contributions from each.

[ reply| Previous in thread ]
Mike from Greenville writes:
2/10/2004 8:33:11 AM

I admire your persistence but that's all you got.

The Dem Party rejected Wallace (you do recall that JFK/LBJ were leaders in getting civil rights legislation passed).

That is why southern politicians left the dems to be republicans at the time - like Strom.

Parents can escort their kids from public schools to private schools now.

Nobody is stopping them.

[ reply| Previous in thread ]
Joe from Edisto Island writes:
2/10/2004 6:43:28 AM
"Letís hang a group picture of the Greenville GOP Legislative Delegation on school trailers and in overcrowded classrooms. Teachers can point to it when students and parents ask why there are not enough supplies, computers, or teachers" - Mike Cubelo

And hang a photo of that great Democrat icon, Gov. George Wallace, as he stood in the doorway of that same government school, blocking the entrance of poor minority children trying to get a better education.

Right next to Wallace's photo, hang a group photo of the state and US Democratic delegation standing in front of that same school house doorway, only now blocking the ESCAPE of those poor minority students from the government's school while they advocate the waste of tax dollars in support the NEA's "education" monopoly adjenda, instead of assisting every parent and providing every child with an equal allocation of funding for that child's education.

Now there's a photo gallery that those suffering from the "Cubelo Syndrome" would really love!

[ reply ]
Mike from Greenville writes:
2/9/2004 11:55:07 PM

I am calling for specific politicians to be true leaders.

Why be generic?

Should I include one libertarian, one dem, one repub, and one turtle dove each time in a commentary?

I give examples and evidence for my criticism of individual politicians.

Obviously, I do have my favorites.

To me, opinion changes on gay marriages are not as critical as a guy who could speak as the leader of segregation while knowing that his daughter was a product of integration.

That is why Strom is one of my favorites.

And, honoring Verne with a portrait for a career based on disloyalty for power is an ongoing Strom tradition.

Need I say more?

[ reply| Previous in thread ]
Barry from Greenville writes:
2/9/2004 10:56:53 PM
Ok, you want to talk about standing by your principles as a true leader? Then explain to me why the greatest thing to hit the Democratic Party since Kennedy (Bill Clinton) ingored one of his bases in the gay community to support traditional marriage?
Explain to me why Democrats like Joe Lieberman and Al Gore at one time supported the Pro-Life movement and then took the pro-choice route when they took center stage in the supporting role of Vice-Presidential candidate? Mr. Cubelo, it's because all politicians have survival instinct! They want to see their precious legacies perpetuated at the expense of the public good. They get a little taste of power and they want to hold on to it!
How about instead of writing an article attacking Republicans, you write one calling for all politicians to be men and women of character and true leadership who stand by their principles even if they're wrong!
[ reply ]
Mike from Greenville writes:
2/9/2004 9:27:03 PM
Not sure, Andrew.

You appear to be more into writing style than substance.

Take your pick on the range of issues raised about Verne, Fair, Strom, Sanford or W.

So far, your focus is on writing style....

[ reply| Previous in thread ]
Andrew from Greer writes:
2/9/2004 9:15:37 PM
What truth is it you think you have proclaimed that you believe I am reluctant to accept?

No, apparently you still don't understand my criticism of your style.

But, thanks for playing.

[ reply| Previous in thread ]
Mike from Greenville writes:
2/9/2004 8:30:48 PM

Truth can be annoying to those who are reluctant to acknowledge it.

So, I understand your criticism of my annoying style.

[ reply| Previous in thread ]
Mike from Greenville writes:
2/9/2004 8:27:10 PM

After all those accusations you made, you still have not come up with one WMD.

Keep searching.

[ reply| Previous in thread ]
James from Bennettsville writes:
2/9/2004 7:11:02 PM
A big thanks to your husband and just consider the source.
America is being led around blindly because too many of our people cant see through the smoke.
The so called "Mainstream Media" is just as corrupt as Congress. It is fact that CNN lied and covered up for Saddam so they could have access to Iraq.Your major news organizations are proven liars that allow their reporters to report lies from a motel room or things they just make up. It is just a big brain washing going on and our Republicans in Congress are cowards who refuse to stand up to the lies of the left and the Democrats.
The Democrats make an issue of this leaked memo and the Republicans fire the man that came by it. I suppose had he come accross a memo to blow up congress they would have stayed in session and had him fired and allowed it to happen.
The Democrats are trying to overthrow the government and we must fire anyone who exposes them and you dont hear a thing coming from the press.
Before it is over we all may have to arm ourselves to fight both parties in Congress to keep the rest of us safe.
The internet may end up being our only source for truth even though we have to be real careful and screen what we receive but the propaganda the Democrats and the press are putting out is nothing short of trying to manipulate a campaign because Bush is not their puppet.They miss all the wine and dinning in the Whitehouse.
[ reply| Previous in thread ]
Andrew from Greer writes:
2/9/2004 6:38:36 PM

I too would shudder to think that a loved one was sent to war without the very best of motives and intelligence that the politicians could muster.

I am thankful to have men like your husband who are willing to fight to protect our freedoms. I, for one, place a very high bar before committing troups to any war. Marines especially are a fearsome weapon, and protecting their honor by ensuring that they are pointed only at the most threatening enemies of the USA IS, in my opinion, "supporting the troops."

However, if we try to look at it objectively, as each and every justification put forth before the war is fading away, I think each of us must ask ourselves "was it still the right thing to do." Because, although what is done is done, there will be a next time. And, we will need objective judgment to determine if a pre-emptive war policy based on clearly flawed intelligence "educated guesses" is the best thing for the country.

As for the author of the original column, he has a very annoying style that he is very proud of because he thinks it is interesting. He apparently doesn't care about what the people reading it think. Which, is good, because if he did, he would probably be more effective. Since I disagree with him most of the time, I'm glad he isn't.

[ reply| Previous in thread ]
Mike from Greenville writes:
2/9/2004 5:02:42 PM

How can I be a morals "pusher" without having morals? Am I as deceptive as Strom in his prime?

I rather not wait for God to hold Verne accountable and wish we hadn't waited to hold Strom accountable but Strom lied to us. Since they are (or were) public servants, we need to hold them accountable before they drop dead. We are the public and they affect our lives now.

I am happy to hear that a sex ed teacher was explicit in discussing sex with students. Students need sex information that is as detailed as their math lesson. Glad you had a good sex ed class in SC. It's rare due to Mike Fair.

You do realize that if a parent does not want his or her child to take sex ed, they don't have to.

I agree with you that Dems should be held accountable for their tenure and the GOP must be held accountable for theirs. My article is holding the GOP accountable for their recent actions that caused crowded classrooms and a lack of funds for education. It's their watch now.

By unnecessary war, I mean a war like Iraq where we invaded for one reason but now use others to justify it. We did not invade for Iraqi freedom. We invaded because Saddam had WMDs that could strke us within an hour.

That was not true.

Soldiers do what their commander in chief says to do.

Unfortunately, this commander in chief was in a hurry to send your husband to war. He didn't have to be in such a rush.

It was poor judgement and what compounds it is that this prez was in no hurry to go to Vietnam when he had his chance.

That is a cowardly act which soldiers like your husband should not respect.

I don't even without morals....

[ reply| Previous in thread ]
Jenni from Columbia writes:
2/9/2004 3:08:02 PM
It has been my experience that many people with ultra liberal political views feel that conservatives try to push their morals on others. Why is Mike Cubelo trying to push his lack of them by his comments in this column? I cannot speak to his opinions of Strom Thurmond or Senator Smith. Those men will be accountable to God and God alone. I do, however, know a little something about what it is like to take sex education in the public school system in SC, and I wonder if Mike Cubelo would appreciate a sex ed teacher instructing one of his children on how to "put condoms on with your mouth" or "reach orgasm correctly". That is what I had to listen to in the public school I attended some twelve years ago. I applaud Senator Fair for trying to keep this filth out of the classroom. It is not the responsibility of the school system to teach children things that should be learned at home, and throwing money at schools has done NOTHING to improve them. This column that I just read sounded only like a bunch of sour grapes and an attemp to put the blame on others for problems that have been in the making for years and years. Don't forget that when the Republicans took the majority in the SC Senate, it was for the first time since Reconstruction. Who was to blame for all the state's problems prior to 2001? On a final note, I would like for you to know that my husband served with the Marines in Iraq for eight months last year. He was attached to a surgical company and saw plenty of sacrifice. I do not appreciate someone telling me that this was an unnecessary war. And there is no draft. People, including students, are serving in the military because they choose to do so. My husband risked his life to defend Mike Cubelo's right to say these terrible things. Shame on him for using his freedoms (none of which he did anything to purchase)to offend those who fight and die for them. Would he look a veteran marine in the eye and tell him freedom is an "unnecessary" cause?
[ reply ]
Mike from Greenville writes:
2/8/2004 8:19:10 PM
I do believe that Verne would break Strom's neck if his portrait hung from it...
[ reply ]

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