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July 5, 2007 | South Carolina Headlines


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Who will win the USC -vs- Clemson game?

USC in a blow out
USC will barely win
Clemson will barely win
Clemson in a blow out
I don''t care

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What is

When a bottle of soda went for twenty-five cents, downtown consisted of the General Store and a barber shop, and you could fill up your gas tank with a five dollar bill and still get change, the community talked openly about politics.  The town had a vested interest in government and all passionately voiced their opinion. 

Today, soda rarely comes in a bottle, Wal-mart squeezes out the local General Store, and you need to take out a loan to put gas in the car.  However, not everything has changed; the town still has a vested interest in government, and fortunately the people of South Carolina have a place where they can passionately voice their opinions—SC Headlines.

SC Headlines, the South Carolina state branch of, is a shared community of individuals with various ideologies and views on the issues of the day. Community members have an opportunity to respond to these issues through interactive tools and discussion areas. All this allows us to better understand one another - and ourselves.

SC Headlines allows you to choose the headlines. You can add a news story that interests you or something that you’d like to comment on.  Then, fill free to comment on the issue or even comment on an issue that has already been posted.  By clicking on “Forums” you can easily see what issues people are discussing.  Furthermore, read from our own columnist and discuss their opinions.  SC Headlines provides one place for liberals and conservatives to discuss state issues together.  Again, SC Headlines provides the place where South Carolinians can passionately voice their opinions.

As we say at Common Voice, “Don’t just be readers.  Be participants.” goes beyond providing the news, it allows you to choose the news and discuss the news.  In a real sense, at SC Headlines, you leave the role of spectator and become actively involved.

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