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June 2, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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 Mike Cubelo :: Biography
Mike Cubelo is a 13 year resident of Greenville County. Heís originally from the borough of Manhattan and grew up about 12 blocks from where he was born (urban Lincolnesque). He experienced 12 years of private, religious education and received his bachelorís degree in secular education from Rutgers University. He currently lives in the city of Greer with his southern belle (a Greenville native) and 3 children.

He works for a very large insurance company as a computer analyst. He serves on the board of the local ACLU and has been a Democrat since he started voting. Occasionally, he does sneak into local GOP primaries and votes with political savvy and relish hoping to surprise local GOP neighbors.

He does not attend church but spends Sunday mornings with bagels, the New York Times, and the Sunday morning news shows (if there is no softball practice and the kids and wife donít bother him).

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