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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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 Benj Buck :: Biography

Benj Buck grew up on a family farm in Indiana where he learned many things:  the meaning of a full week of work, the true value of a hard earned dollar, the importance of small business in our economy, the worth of deep love for family, friends, and community.  In 1994, he moved to South Carolina for undergraduate studies.  Four years later, he graduated with a B.S. in Radio/Television Broadcasting from Bob Jones University and began studies for a Master of Divinity.

His wife, born in Greenville, and he have two children.  They hope to leave behind a community and country where their children can comfortably raise children.  Benj stays busy with the teens at Community Baptist Church (Greer), Harvest Teen Rally, and works as Bob Jones University’s Director of Mentors and Student Development.  Benj teaches, speaks to teenagers and those who work with teenagers, and enjoys politics and the outdoors.

 Benj Buck :: Archives
  July 2005  
Union bust: Democrat woes? 7/26/2005
Embryonic Research: Sacrificing not saving 7/15/2005
Congratulations: Erika Powell crowned Miss South Carolina 7/10/2005
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