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1998 John Deere 7410 High Crop for Sale, Hrs Showing: 7,878, MFWD Diesel Tractor, 120 Engine HP, 105 PTO, 6.8L 6 Cylinder Turbocharged Diesel, JD Power Quad Transmission – 16 F&R, 540 PTO, Heat/AC, AM/FM Radio, Front Tires:480/80-R38, Rear Tires:480/80-R38, 3 Point Hitch, Engine Heater, 3 Auxiliary Hydraulics, Includes: Four 320/90-R50 Tires And Rims.

Specifications John Deere 7410 High Crop for Sale

ManufacturerJOHN DEERE
Operating ConditionOperable
Fuel TypeDiesel
Front Tire Size 480/80R38
Rear Tire Size 480/80R38
Front Tire ConfigurationSingles
Rear Tire ConfigurationSingles
Front FendersYes
Engine Horsepower120 HP
Transmission TypePower Quad
# of Forward Speeds16
Rear PTOYes
Rear PTO Speed540/1000
Rear PTO Size1 3/8
Differential LockYes
Front End SuspensionNo

Price John Deere 7410 High Crop for Sale

Price for sale
USD $59,500

Here are some things to look out for when buying a “John Deere 7410 High Crop for Sale” tractor.

For novice buyers, buying a used tractor can be difficult. Private sellers and dealers can offer many models JD 7410 in many specifications under different conditions.

Please take a look at all aspects of the tractor to determine its overall condition.

  • Carefully study the Specifications & Technical Data of the tractor “John Deere 7410 High Crop for Sale”.
  • Damage to paint or tinwork, worn tires, and broken mirrors indicate that the tractor has not been adequately maintained.
  • Genuine replacement parts or filters indicate that the machine has been well maintained.
  • After the machine is started, turn on all lights, including the oil pressure warning. Once the engine is running, let it go outside for a while and listen for unusual sounds.
  • The tractor should emit smoke from the pipe. It can be challenging to distinguish the color of an emission-regulated engine from its smoke. If it is blue, it indicates that the machine is burning oil. The injectors are likely responsible for the black color.
  • Once the engine is warm and well idling, you can start the tractor and drive the tractor in all gears.
  • You must make sure all gears and the clutch work well. If the shuttle is fitted correctly, it should work as intended. Some units allow the speed change of forwarding/reverse (and vice versa) to be adjusted to facilitate it.
  • You need to make sure that your steering works at its best while you are on the move. Also, check the brakes for power or noise.
  • You should inspect them for wear and replace them if they are damaged. A tractor with new-looking discs is a sign that it has been used a lot. This could be an indication that it has been unbraked or done heavy haulage.
  • Make sure that your tractor has four-wheel drive if it is. This is the case for most modern agricultural tractors. This means you must ensure the system turns on correctly and off correctly. This means that the system is providing power to the front wheels.
  • This can be done by gently pushing the tractor against a stable object such as a loading platform and then engaging the system. This will show that the drive is reaching the front wheels.
  • As the tractor is running, inspect all controls, including the linkage valves and spool valves. If an air conditioner is installed, make sure it works appropriately and cools down. A service or topping-up might be necessary if the air conditioner is not working correctly.
  • It is essential to inspect all electrical devices and lights, including the electronic dash, if they have been installed. These devices can be expensive to replace or repair.
  • Every seller worth his salt should immediately address any defective bulbs or lights on any road. But, other electrical problems may be at fault if the pain is more severe.
  • Remember that analog hour meters can be clocked.
  • Carefully read the information “John Deere 7410 High Crop for Sale” and look at the common problems with these tractors.
  • By unlatching the pickup hitch and dropping it down, make sure you check its functionality. After lifting it again, verify that the latch is functioning correctly.
  • Attach something to the back of the linkage, if you can. Verify that the linkage controls are working correctly. Inspect the cross shaft. For excessive play, place a pry bar underneath the post.
  • Heavy lifting can cause tractor parts to wear.
  • Inspect the valves of your spool for oil leakage or damage. It would help if you also were alert for any hissing when the valves aren’t in use.
  • To ensure that they work correctly, attach a trailer or another implement to each one.
  • It does not matter if the tractor has been used for loader work. The front axle should be your focus.
  • You should be concerned about any signs of wear and play in the hub bearings or the axle pivot. This could lead to costly repairs.
  • Inspection should include each end for the power steering system and axle pivot bearings, especially on the loader tractor.
  • Although the suspension front axles provide greater comfort for drivers, they are an additional expense to tractor owners. Every responsible driver needs to be aware that they have limitations.
  • Check the overall condition of your unit. This includes grease points and bush. You can overlook them quickly as there may be many of them, some up to 14.
  • To confirm that the oil level is within the recommended range, remove the engine.
  • Also, inspect the oil color. It could indicate engine problems.
  • You should inspect the engine and transmission housings for signs and symptoms of wear.
  • Examine maintenance logs, inspections list, work orders, and receipts. These documents and detailed questions from the seller provide valuable insight into the “John Deere 7410 High Crop for Sale” tractor’s history, including when and what kind of repairs were done. These documents may reveal issues that the owner is not yet aware of.

The buyer must decide whether the purchase of the tractor “John Deere 7410 High Crop for Sale” is worth the money.

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