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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Senator Greg Ryberg supports Governor Sanford's tax cut
May 11, 2006

Senator Greg Ryberg today proudly gave his support to Governor Sanford’s call for a moratorium on the fuel tax in South Carolina during the summer. He said, “This tax cut of roughly $134 million will go right to the wallets not only of all South Carolinians but also of all the folks that come to visit us over the next few months."

Senator Ryberg noted that South Carolina government ran a $425 million surplus this year. “We can certainly afford a tax cut that returns at least some of that to the hardworking citizen paying nearly $3 a gallon for fuel just to go to work. The money belongs to them in the first place, and they certainly need it more than government,” Ryberg said.

Senator Ryberg said that “This suspension will give businesses and consumers temporary relief from the high cost of fuel and thereby keep the momentum going in our improving economy. A reduction in fuel costs not only helps South Carolinians afford their own transportation, it also leaves more money in the pockets of tourists that they can spend at restaurants and golf courses and hotels.”

He added that, “Because almost everything we buy is shipped in by truck, this tax cut benefits everyone, residents and tourists, at the checkout line. This tax cut filters through every sector of the economy.”

Senator Ryberg concluded, “I support every initiative to leave more money with the folks back home who earned it. In this case, the effect of the tax cut is directly visible, and by summer’s end we will see that every time we in government take less and leave more at home, everybody wins. It’s not the government’s money, it’s the people’s money.”

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