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May 23, 2005 | South Carolina Headlines


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Diluting the Purchasing Power of the Dollar by Vin Suprynowicz
Joe from Edisto Island writes:
4/26/2005 8:25:19 AM
Andrew... two words:

"Underground Railroad!"

:- )

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Andrew from Greer writes:
4/25/2005 12:40:26 PM
Actually, if I slack off enough, then wouldn't that make it someone else's duty to provide for my needs?

I just can't let them become aware of my ability to take care of myself in the first place.

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Joe from Edisto Island writes:
4/25/2005 9:50:11 AM
Andrew, just remember this phrase:

"We're from the government and we're here to help you."

Now, get back to work before Plantation Massah Mikey sees you sluffing off and not contributing 'your fair share' to the plantation's largess.

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Andrew from Greer writes:
4/25/2005 8:29:44 AM
Do you well-meaning moderate democrats really think that the religious right and the vast right-wing conservative conspiracy thrusted by the singular FoxNews channel is the main threat to freedom?

I figure I'm a pretty average American. The Man already takes about 40% of my economic freedom. They don't take anywhere near that fraction of my civil liberties.

The socialist programs that they advertise to protect me from old age and medical ruin are poised to enslave my generation economically. To keep me working, I will be allowed no personal choices that interfere with my productivity.

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