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June 3, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Beasley's Baggage Cannot Overcome DeMint's Destiny In The Runoff
Jimmy from Spartanburg writes:
6/25/2004 3:35:56 PM
I love my fans from Virginia! Thanks Gary!
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Gary from Falls Church, VA writes:
6/25/2004 1:36:19 PM
Though it's over now, this from a guy who said DeMint wasn't even going to be in the runoff.

He's classy too, bringing up the rumors that were proved to be untrue. No wonder no one takes his stuff seriously.

[ reply ]
Jimmy from Spartanburg writes:
6/23/2004 8:19:01 AM

It was certainly a fun race to watch. It's too bad we had to wait until the runoff to see a little charisma and action out of the candidates. Somehow I don't think that's going to be a problem in the race against Tenenbaum! :-~

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Bob from Fayetteville writes:
6/22/2004 9:22:43 PM
Well Jimmy,
About an hour ago I took the old bb gun down to the power lines and got dinner. The black bird feast is appropiate since I was so critical of your predictions on the US Senate race. Crow dinners here tonight!

You were right and I was wrong.........on this one.

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Evert from Mauldin writes:
6/22/2004 2:59:20 PM
I was talking about his support and endorcements of some of our local liberals on Greenville county School board, In Greenville this in well known, in fact I think Bradley made this an issue in 2002, as well DeMints support of the 14.9 mills tax increase that was proposed by the GCSB.

As far as I know these were not behind the scenes, but he openly campaigned for th etax increase and for some members of the School board.

[ reply| Previous in thread ]
Jimmy from Spartanburg writes:
6/22/2004 8:16:55 AM

While I certainly respect your opinion, the point in my article was nothing more than to demonstrate that Beasley has a past he will need to deal with if he becomes the Republican nominee for Senate against Tenenbaum.

With that said, I have never seen any evidence of DeMint working "behind the scenes" to promote liberal social and fiscal ideas. Why would he do that? It goes against everything he stands for in Washington.

Would you care to elaborate?

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Evert from Mauldin writes:
6/21/2004 9:06:10 PM

Frankly I expected better of you, most of this opinion article is based on distortions and rank inuendo, especially the infidelity charge. You might want to check you facts before you beleive every email or list out there regarding the former Governor Beasley. If you need the true facts I can provide a State Newspaper article regarding the issue. It clearly states that this issue was slander of the worst kind. When you start with this "so called accuation" I expect the rest of your facts to be suspect.

On some of them you mention are right, the exagerations on his athletic prowess did happen and he has stated that he should not have done so. On the millions, you must not have seen the quote from Harpo, in which he stated that the money spent was probally around 10 million. The problem with the amount of money spent is all speculation, even the newspapers, because no SEC report was filed or required for the money they spent. Even the Demo Party would not disclose how much they recieved or spent from the gambling barrons. And he did site his sources for the claim, two of the men who sued the industry, a former judge Larry Ricther and Pete Strom.

DeMint has a good record in DC, the problem is that he comes back home and then votes for and helps the liberals in Greenville politics. He supported the largest proposed Tax increase in GC history in 2001 and has endorsed some of the most liberal(social and fiscal)School board members in past years.

[ reply ]
Bob from Fayetteville writes:
6/21/2004 1:59:34 PM
I beg to differ. Although I WILL be voting for DeMint in the run-off, I believe Beasley will win.
Beasley is a better poltician(saleman). In fact, I think the good Congressman DeMint stepped it up a notch to compete. I really thought the family commercial done by DeMint was good. It humanized DeMint a good bit which is good in my opinion.

The anti-Beasley people(hacks) have not done a good job highliting the downfall of Beasley. In fact, it is starting to sound like a broken record. Your article is included in my statement. For instance, we have all heard a hundred times about the battleflag, the world record runs , etc.. But, what we were really missing is the corruption in the Beasley administration.

As for the corruption you should have looked at the 98 election headlines and other than the above-mentioned you would have found some interesting material.

1. The insurance plane
2. The competitive advantage given to
3. The ethics problem with the above.
4. The Time magazine article.
5. The Harley at the "House of Blues"
6. The shameless awarding of "Orders of the
Palmetto" to his cronies for political work.

Now, what you are facing is a last minute Beasley mail out which I just received today taking chunks out of Demint over the Trade vote, and the mail out is well documented and done.

So, given the above, I can sadly say, Beasley will prevail in the run-off.

On the joking side though Jimmy , your endorsement or support into the proverbial "kiss of death" to political candidates much like the State newspaper , which endorsed DeMInt.

[ reply ]

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