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June 3, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Ravenel Will Be In The Runoff With Beasley
Bob from Fayetteville writes:
6/9/2004 9:46:11 PM
Squawk, squawk.
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Bob from Fayetteville writes:
6/9/2004 2:22:32 PM
Yes, he has won. Is your real name Al Gore. You sure sound like one of the whiners from Palm Beach. No chads here , just a butt cutting.
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Andrew from Greer writes:
6/9/2004 9:35:16 AM
Hawkins hasn't won yet, and if he did it was by less than 1% of the vote. No incumbent can be pleased with that.

As for Ravenel and DeMint, they are almost interchangeable, so anyone making a prediction either way was political coin toss flipping in the winds of turnout and last minute electioneering.

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Jonathan from Greenville writes:
6/8/2004 10:56:37 PM
Your statements show how little you truly understand us. Conservatives in Greenville are a little more complex than you give them credit. There are any number of conservatives who would take great exception to your charge of them being "minions" of "Reverend Bob." I'd be willing to bet you Jimmy is one of them.

You also show ignorance of any role "Reverend Bob" plays in the political landscape. But hey, I'm not going to waste my time trying to educate you otherwise :-) It is much more comfortable for you to hold your opinion that all conservatives are robots controlled from 1700 Wade Hampton Blvd.

Keep thinking that way because that is where many liberals make their big mistake.

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Nostradamus from the Looking Glass writes:
6/8/2004 9:31:50 PM
Meant to tell ya Jimmy , be sure to slice that sausage thin. Almost as thin as the journalism/opinion you exclaim so proudly.
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Nostradamus from the Looking Glass writes:
6/8/2004 9:23:17 PM
Nostradamus' Crow Bog

one freshly kilt crow, fresh road kill ok.
one big pot (8 quarts)
water (5 quarts)
2 celery stalks
1 large onion onion

Boil the above ingredients till the crow meat is coming off the bone. Save stock.

3 cups raw washed rice

Boil rice in crow stock till done

Then, add crow meat.
Add, 1 pound hot cooked ground sausage
Add, one pound hot linked sausage

Then return to stove on medium heat

Then add the following;
dash of Texas Pete
1 Tbl spn Black Pepper
2 Tbl spn Salt
1/2 Tbl spn red pepper
2 big heapings of humility
3 heapings common sense
4 heapings of character

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Nostradamus from the Looking Glass writes:
6/8/2004 9:14:54 PM
With all due respect, I am not buying your non collusion statement. The concerted voice of Reverend Bob or the actions of his minions to replace the gap of the diminished Christian Coalition's political clout is more like the scenario.
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Jonathan from Greenville writes:
6/8/2004 2:15:42 PM
Still have a ways to go but I thought it was interesting that at 2:00 Ravenel was listed as second in exit polling. I think Ravenel could be one of those candidates (like Sanford) that could surprise some people.

As editor of the site, I do have regular communication with the webmaster of SCHotline. However, I have to stand up for Jimmy on this one that I don't believe he has much communication with him. If anything, there would not be colusion between and I like the man and many of his positions, but I'm not a Ravenel supporter.

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Joe from Edisto Island writes:
6/8/2004 12:53:52 AM
Yo Jimmy,

Tommy Ravenel has my vote... and it wouldn't break my heart if the runoff was between Tom and Jim DeMint... with Weasley Beasley doing what he can to stave off the Czech babe from Hilton Head. :-)

That will be the warm up lap for hauling out the big guns so as to deal with the wicked witch riding her government school broom in a spiraling crash and burn nose dive into Lake Murray next November! ;-)

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Nostradamus from Looking Glass writes:
6/7/2004 11:08:20 PM
Have you been smoking opium. If so, you have not looked into my looking glass.

DeMint will be the number 2 man. Funny how the webmaster of your "sister site" is the communication director for Ravenel, and you just happen to make your prediction. I thought you Christian Coalition types would stick with the upstate Christian guy. But , Nooooo.

Now on to other races, I guess you have toned down your Bright over Hawkins crusade because you know tommorrow night about 8 p.m. you will be eating crow.

Speaking of eating crow, you will be doing so with your prediction of Ravanel in second too.

I guess we will see you at the next crow bog dinner.

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