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June 3, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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McBride Goes Wild At Spartanburg U.S. Senate Debate
Mike from Greenville writes:
5/5/2004 9:19:11 AM
Jimmy is losing pounds at the same pace he's losing his ethics.

At least Jimmy will have an easier liftoff during rapture.

Do the pants get left behind?

Need somebody in a mask to bring those pants to the Barnwell nuke waste dump, if so.

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Bob from myrtle beach writes:
5/4/2004 11:14:12 PM
I'm just curious. Wouldn't a serious journalist be hanging around others in the same profession. I have seen no other reports on this incident.

As for your interview, these guys and gals sound the same anyway.


[ reply ]
Jimmy from Spartanburg writes:
5/4/2004 4:25:36 PM
Weight loss Jimmy fits in pants that are 15 inches smaller than the ones he wore on January 1! WOO HOO!
[ reply| Previous in thread ]
Mike from Greenville writes:
5/4/2004 3:36:26 PM
Gald to hear that third person jimmy is more ethical than first person jimmy.

Where does weight-loss jimmy fit in?

[ reply| Previous in thread ]
Haywood from Greenville writes:
5/4/2004 12:15:13 PM
Well there's your answer Patrick. He doesn't have a clue what the ethics of journalism are.
[ reply| Previous in thread ]
Jimmy from Spartanburg writes:
5/4/2004 12:07:06 PM
This story was written in the third person because it is a NEWS story rather than an opinion piece. Also, the reason I wrote it is because I wanted to report what happened. The fact that I'm a subject in the story has no bearing on the contents therein.
[ reply ]
Patrick A. from Columbia writes:
5/4/2004 10:49:16 AM
If Mr. Moore is truly a journalist, as he claims, then he would know that one of the first rules of journalism is not to report on a story in which one has a direct connections. Freshman college students in journalism know this, and to report in such a matter undermines his credibility, as does the way in which he quotes himself and frames the candidate's answers. This inter-party bashing of candidates only augments the popular view that conservative candidats and media cannot be trusted, and does a disservice to us all. In the same way that a judge would recuse himself on a matter he has a personal interst in, Mr. Moore needs to remeber to keep professional distance.
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