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June 2, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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New City Hall not what you might think
Bea from Hardeeville writes:
12/6/2003 8:59:00 PM
Jonathan - After 2 years on my own City Council, I can sympathize with your local mayor's concerns over his misrepresentation in the press. I have discovered that most reporters, while finely educated in the art of Journalism, have little or no conception of the realities of bread-and-butter financing, much less the concepts of ordinancing requirements handed down to us by the State or Federal governments. They are woefully ignorant of how to research or investigate - or simply take things at face value, put their own personal spin on them, and print them and let the chips fall. No longer do reporters go to the courthouse and access copies of public records - they prefer to be spoon-fed opinions as to what the 'legal folderol' means.

The best way to get factual information is to attend council meetings in person, and take whatever copies of documents offered, go home, highlight them, write questions down, and either call the representatives personally or use the papers at the next council meeting to answer your own concerns. Most reporters complain that their deadlines do not permit this. They are simply too lazy to do these things, and feel that they are not paid to do them. That is how misinformation and outright silliness gets put into newspapers as 'fact'. There are no more investigative reporters; no one aspires to be a Woodward. Instead, they aspire only to be the ones to stir hate and discontent - and then write about the altercations that they themselves create with misinformation.

Since I used to be a reporter, this is anathema to me. I'm glad you took the time to investigate - but what a shame your local reporters, who are paid to do so, could not.

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