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June 3, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Evil Exemplified in FCUK Products
W. Andrew from Greenville writes:
10/27/2003 10:17:47 AM
Ken...I do not believe that words are evil, although some people probably differ with me and are offended by words...particularly the one you mentioned.

I do not think words are irrelevant...they do tell us something about the speaker and the speakers motives and beliefs.

Some words might indicate some hurtful or evil motive by the speaker...but words in and of themself are not evil.

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Ken from Inman writes:
10/26/2003 11:12:19 PM
Well, Bea, it is late and I am weary. Perhaps that is why I am somewhat confused by your comments.

You seem to imply that all words are mere words and no one should be offended. I am wondering if we could not have saved ourselves much trouble over the past many years had we offered your last paragraph as an explanation to certain dark-skinned people who became so upset at the use of the word "nigger". And we could have explained that Andy from Greenville says that "words are not evil"!

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Bea from Hardeeville writes:
10/8/2003 5:06:04 PM
For. Unlawful. Carnal. Knowledge. That is what the original acronym stood for. It was coined in the original context for those landlords who practiced "droit du seigneur" over unmarried females - to refer to their intended husbands who dared to sleep with their own brides before the Master did! It then descended into common vulgar useage.

Or, as my father used to say, "If you know what it means, then you've heard it before. If you don't know what it means, perhaps you should expand your knowledge!"

If one is offended by mere words, then one is blind to the truth of actions. Instead of shrieking at a connotative affront, one should use it as a learning experience - for oneself as well as for one's children and - students?

[ reply ]
W. Andrew from Greenville writes:
10/8/2003 3:12:36 PM
Words are not evil. These are just words and they only represent an attempt to draw attention to their product...and the only place I have heard about this is your article.

You took the bait.

[ reply ]

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