John Deere 7410 PTO problem

John Deere 7410 PTO problem Problems

Problems: John Deere 7410 PTO problem. You have a JD 7410 that runs your feed wagon. Today, the PTO would activate, run for 5 seconds, and then shut off. This happened several times before I increased the engine’s speed to approximately 1200RPM. It started running perfectly again. It ran perfectly at all engine speeds tonight. This is an intermittent problem. I love these. then quit? I tried to wiggle the switch a few times until it stopped working.

John Deere 7410 PTO problem2
John Deere 7410 PTO problem

Support: John Deere 7410 PTO problem

It was the solenoid. There are many things that you should check. Most common is the solenoid, which engages the PTO. It can wear down or become bindy over time, which will prevent it from moving. It may be an old part. I have heard that the PTO shaft wears out. But I’m not sure. Also, the speed sensor might be going bad. The shaft may not pick up speed because the tonewheels have fallen off. However, I prefer solenoids.

Adjust the tach setting for PTO.rpm. The computer will automatically shut down once it has completed. This protects your PTO clutch. The problem may also be with the PTO speed sensor. You will find the speed sensor in the top of the housing, just above the PTO shaft. It’s located below the anchor connecting to the center link. The solenoid valve is located on the right, just above and beneath the center link.

It could also be a switch. John Deere tech helped me last summer with a similar problem. He was accommodating in the diagnosis process. After we had identified the problem, he sent us the parts to repair the rod or solenoid. Within an hour, I was back on the road.

I would replace the solenoid. If that doesn’t solve it, I believe the tone wheel to the speed sensor may have come loose from the tranny.

John Deere 7410 PTO problem3
John Deere 7410 PTO problem

JD 7410 Repair: Helpful Tips For You

  1. John Deere 7410 PTO problem repair can seem very scary, but the basics aren’t too difficult. You will be able to use the knowledge that you have gained now for many years. Continue reading for great tips on how to solve your tractor problems yourself, so you don’t have to pay a lot for the mechanics.
  2. Stick to the maintenance schedule set forth by your tractor manufacturer to avoid costly JD repairs. Regular maintenance will ensure that your 7410 JD is in good condition. You won’t have to make costly repairs due to neglect. Failure to adhere to the maintenance schedule can lead to costly repairs that could have been avoided.
  3. Ask as many questions as necessary. This is your John Deere, and you should know why it’s important to fix an item immediately. Before you sign off on any work, seek a second opinion if you feel uncomfortable or aren’t getting straight answers.
  4. Use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components. OEM parts are better than generic parts for your JD7410. You should use OEM parts that meet the manufacturer’s specifications for maximum performance. Generic parts may be cheaper, but they are generally of lower quality than original parts. You may have to pay more for replacements later.
  5. Do not delay repairs to your tractor. Many parts of the John Deere 7410 are interrelated. If you neglect or delay maintenance, your JD could be in serious trouble. The tractor’s entire system or individual parts can go out of control. Simple maintenance tasks such as changing the oil or checking the coolant can cause costly problems. This could lead to your warranty being voided.
  6. Under your JD, keep an eye out for wet puddles. You may be able to identify the problem by looking at the color and consistency. It could be caused by a bad hose, leaking radiator, water pump, or an overheated engine. A bad seal or gasket could be causing leaky puddles that are dark brown or black. Transmission fluid or power-steering fluid leak is usually responsible for red oily puddles. Clear puddles are usually not something to be concerned about, as they could be condensation from your tractor.
  7. Don’t let a JD7410 technician convince you that flushing your engine is part of a regular maintenance procedure. This is an expensive procedure that is unnecessary unless your engine has been damaged by not changing its oil frequently.
  8. It will make it easier to deal with John Deere 7410 problems and repair issues if you have more knowledge. You can save money if you do it yourself. This article will help you if your tractor isn’t performing as it should.
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