John Deere 7410 for sale in Missouri

John Deere 7410 for sale in Missouri Buy Now

1997 John Deere 7410 for sale in Missouri, MFWD Utility Tractor, 6687 Original Hrs Showing, JD Power Tech 6068 6.8L 6 Cylinder Turbo Diesel, 16/16 SP JD Power Quad Partial Powershift Transmission, Live PTO, 540 And Small 1000 PTO, Rear Tires: 18.4-38, Front Tires: 13.6-28, 3 Pt Hydraulics, Heat/Air, AM/FM, 3 Pt With Quick Hitch.

Specifications 1997 John Deere 7410 for sale in Missouri

ManufacturerJOHN DEERE
Hours 6687
Operating ConditionOperable
Fuel TypeDiesel

Front Tire Size 13.6 -28
Rear Tire Size 18.4 -38
Front Tire ConfigurationSingles
Rear Tire ConfigurationSingles

Front FendersYes


Engine Horsepower120 HP
Transmission TypePower Quad
# of Forward Speeds16
Rear PTOYes
Rear PTO Speed540/ Small 1000
Rear PTO Size1 3/8
Differential LockYes
Front End SuspensionNo

Price John Deere 7410 for sale in Missouri

Price for sale
USD $39,400

Guide to Buying Used Tractors John Deere

Are you thinking of purchasing a tractor but feel overwhelmed by the range in models available, the features and the additional equipment you’ll need? We’ve created a simple guide for buying new or used tractors John Deere that can assist you in making an informed decision.

  1. What Do You Need: Before you buy a JD 7410, you should consider your needs? What do you utilize the tractor for? What do you expect to get from it? Begin by looking at one or two tractors, and then research their Specifications & Technical Data and figures of their efficiency and quality. Select the John Deere that is able to perform the task you need it to.
  2. Check the Model: Don’t purchase the tractor for your farm until you are certain that you’ve checked for the exact model you’re purchasing. Tractors can break down, and it’s important to know where to purchase parts quickly and for what price. Parts for specific versions of tractor can be costlier than those for other models. The John Deere models are usually less costly and are easier to find. The seller should give the serial number of the tractor, to enable a suitable search.
  3. Carefully read the information “John Deere 7410 for sale in Missouri” and look at the common problems with these tractors.
  4. Check the Year: If you’re buying a used tractor, it might have a lengthy period of use left. It’s also possible to be used up. The seller should be able to tell you the condition of the tractor “John Deere 7410 for sale in Missouri” and then use your serial number or any other document which is supplied to verify this information for assurance. Be sure to inquire about the length of time the tractor JD 7410 has been operating. The time is recorded each year using the dial. Ask the seller to explain why that they are selling “John Deere 7410 for sale in Missouri” as it could be an indication of the possibility of issues.
  5. Horse Power: Get the seller’s information about the horsepower of the tractor JD7410 to be sure that it’s equipped to pull heavy machinery — should you need it. Also, ensure that the shaft that rotates on the PTO is properly connected and working correctly.

Inspect the Tractor “John Deere 7410 for sale in Missouri”

Here are some things to look out for when contemplating a used tractor for sale

  1. Air Filters: Verify to ensure that seals in the air filter are intact. Also, make sure the dust does not get to the engine.
  2. Oil Leaks: Look for oil leaks. Look to the earth and yard for signs of danger. Check the tires for signs of oil, since this may indicate damage to the shaft seal. Check for leaks of oil or diesel within the John Deere 7410 engine when it’s working hot.
  3. Lights: Switch on the ignition and run an inspection to ensure that the lights on the various lights are on, including those that are on your dashboard.
  4. Radiator: Remove the cap, and search for white spots which could indicate issues with the cooling system of the tractor. Also, check for problems with the fins and corrosion inside the radiator.
  5. Smoke Color: If your JD 7410 produces blue or white smoke It could indicate an issue with the system for fueling. Smoke that appears dark could indicate an issue in the piston rings on the tractor.
  6. Gear Changes: Switch up and down the tractor’s drivetrain, and examine the feel and sound of the clutch. Use your own sense to assess the condition of the clutch be attentive for sound which could indicate of wear.
  7. Wheels: Examine the “John Deere 7410 for sale in Missouri” for any damages and check for welding around or inside the wheel. Also be on the lookout for wear that appears uneven, such as cuts, cracks or scratches to the tire.

Finding a John Deere 7410

Tractors are usually advertised on the internet, in newspapers, and magazines for dealers. To ensure you are aware of the product you’re purchasing it is recommended that you adhere to our recommendations and find an experienced and trustworthy machinery-sourcing agency.

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