How to check the tractor JD 7410

How to check the tractor JD 7410 Problems

Problems: How to check the tractor JD 7410. I found a 98-John Deere 7410 with 5000hrs available for sale. I don’t really know anything about the model and I need to find out what to look for. Are there common issues I should look for? Are there any issues I should be aware. It’s going to be on my list for this weekend.

How to check the tractor JD 7410 2
How to check the tractor JD 7410

Support: How to check the tractor JD 7410

2 7410’s have been my tractors for many years.

Check the drive shaft that connects the engine to the trans.

I would say that the 7000 TEN series tractor is one of the most outstanding John Deere’s tractors since the 4020/4020. As others have mentioned, make sure you check the U joints and look at all other things that you would expect to find on a used tractor before you decide whether it’s worth your time. We currently own five tractors of that series, and we are very happy with them.

I am happy with my ’01 7210. Very similar to a 7410. It is almost identical to a 7410. My 7210’s arm would not fall even with two guys of 220 pounds standing on it. One of my lift cylinders needed to have the seals changed. I think it was the cylinder rod scratcher seal that was too tight. The 3-point would quickly go down once the cylinder was fixed and work as new.

As others have mentioned, you should check the PTO running from the engine to your transmission input shaft. While I have had no issues with the ujoints in my experience, the $168 yoke on the transmission inputs shaft that slips onto it was loosening at 2700 hours. It’s a bad design with such a short transmission shaft spline. The spline diameter is roughly the same as that of the shaft. It simply doesn’t have the strength and engagement to ensure it runs for 1000’s without attention.

The slip for PTO’s transmission ends is located at the transmission end. There are no grease zerks on the yoke of the splines. JD could have used the wrong type of shaft fitting, or perhaps he has two different shaft fits for the trans input shaft. The PTO should be checked regularly. If you replace the damaged parts before they wear out, everything should be fine. This area may have been corrected in later series. I have had no problems with the tractor other than that.

How to check the tractor JD 7410 3
How to check the tractor JD 7410

I am not sure what the exact specs are but I know the splines of my yoke were worn well beyond their limits. It was probably about.2 inches of sideways movement at the point where the ujoints attach to the yoke. I didn’t measure it but it was too much slop. There were no problems with the PTO ujoints. It was just that the yoke had worn splines. The spline wear is very obvious inside the yoke. The length of the spline engagement is only 7/8 inches with the transmission input shaft. The shaft diameter is about 1.5″. It did not produce any vibrations that I could feel in my cab.

Maybe the yoke is too soft or it has the wrong spline fitting. It seems that there isn’t enough engagement between the spline and the transmission shaft to maintain the yoke in a proper alignment. Thus, premature spline wear. I had to remove the original factory yoke at 2700 hours.

A bolted flange would have been a better design. The slip would then be done in PTO shaft. I am not certain what the PTO is on the later series of tractors.

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