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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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I’ll Call Them Discrimocrats
Jimmy Moore
August 4, 2003

The Democrats are openly discriminating against people they disagree with again (yeah, so what else is new?). Therefore, I’ll now call them Discrimocrats!

The latest catch phrase for Discrimocrats is “deeply held beliefs.” What they mean when they use this phrase is that someone who has “deeply held beliefs” is too religious for their liking.

Catholic judge nominees are being discriminated against by Senate Democrats because they happen to follow the creed of Catholicism.

Ironically, the filibuster against these Catholic judges is being led by a Jew, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Wait a minute. Wasn’t it the Jews who suffered during World War II under Adolf Hitler’s Holocaust? In fact, Hitler ordered that Jews would NOT be allowed to hold public office under his reign. Then why in the world would a Jew such as Schumer want to prevent someone with “deeply held beliefs” from serving as a judge on a federal court? Isn’t Schumer basically doing the same thing that Hitler did to people who had his same “deeply held beliefs?” Discrimocrat!

But Schumer is not alone. Another Jew, Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA), has also said people with "deeply held beliefs" should be banned from serving office. Doesn't the U.S. Constitution say something about this issue of a litmus test on the basis of religion for holding public office? In Article VI, it states that "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States." Somebody needs to remind the Discrimocrats what is in the Constitution!

Again, there is subtle irony here. The people who support and defend the nation of Israel in the United States are Christians who have “deeply held beliefs.” Those of us who call ourselves Christians and support the right to life are by far the largest segment of the population in favor of preserving and protecting Israel. Does Schumer realize that people with “deeply held beliefs” want to protect his religious homeland or does he choose to ignore this glaring fact for the sake of political posturing and power?

This debate in the U.S. Senate has gotten out of control. Senate Discrimocrats refuse to reveal their true motive when they label someone with “deeply held beliefs,” which really means someone who has religious beliefs they don’t agree with. And, because part of those religious beliefs are unpopular with Discrimocrats, such as the pro-life position, Catholics are being blacklisted from becoming judges to serve on federal courts.

William Pryor, the former Alabama Attorney General, is at least being honest by saying that he believes that abortion is wrong. That position at least lines up with his Catholic beliefs. How is that different from a liberal atheist nominee who says that he believes strongly in the right for a woman to kill her baby while it is still inside her womb? I’m sure that “deeply held belief” wouldn’t bother any Senate Democrats, would it?!

But, the attacks against Catholics and people of faith are not just coming from Jews serving in the Senate. Sen. Dick Durbin, a pro-abortion Catholic Discrimocrat from Illinois, has described people with “deeply held beliefs” as “extremists.” But guess what? Durbin’s own church disavows his association with the Catholic Church because his pro-abortion views are not in line with what Catholics believe. Durbin calls himself a Catholic, but he might as well be an atheist since he is not abiding by the dictates of the Catholic faith. As a result, Durbin wants to cause harm to any Catholic who actually lives by the dictates of their faith.

Even some mainstream newspapers, such as in New Hampshire, are beginning to recognize the blatant discrimination taking place in the judicial nominations. They see the filibusters against judicial nominees being led by the Discrimocrats in the U.S. Senate as anti-Catholic and anti-Christian.

And now many Catholics are fighting back in states where their Senator claims to be a Catholic. Massive advertising campaigns are underway in states where Catholic Discrimocrat Senators have consistently voted against Catholic judicial nominees. Newspaper ads scream the message “Catholics need not apply” to proclaim the outrage that Catholics have about how they have been treated by Senate Discrimocrats.

Discrimination and bigotry runs rampant in the U.S. Senate today thanks in large part to the Discrimocrats who have continued to prevent a Catholic with “deeply held beliefs” from receiving an up or down vote on the Senate floor. While there are a couple of Senate Democrats (and, yes, we’ll call them Democrats because they have refused to discriminate on the basis of religious beliefs) willing to go against the tide (Ben Nelson from Nebraska and Zell Miller from Georgia both voted with the Republicans to bring about cloture on the Pryor nomination), they are in the severe minority within their own political party.

By the way, who is it that decided which “deeply held belief” is right and which is wrong? Everyone has some standard by which they live their life. Some choose to believe in God. Others choose to believe in themselves. Regardless of how someone lives his life, what he believes, even if it is a “deeply held belief,” should not exclude him from serving the public.

If someone believed that he needed to buy a Big Mac every single day for the rest of his life, then would that “deeply held belief” bar him from ever holding public office? Of course not. Then neither should someone who has a “deeply held belief” in religion.

William Pryor and other people of faith nominated to serve public office deserve a vote on the Senate floor. Majority Leader Bill Frist needs to force the Democrats to conduct a REAL filibuster once and for all. Enough with the games (as Ralph Bristol called it recently) and let’s have a vote.

You want reality television? Tuning in to C-SPAN to watch the Democrats scrambling to sustain a REAL filibuster would be quite entertaining. We could call it “Oh Brother” or “For Love of Liberals.” Better yet, how about calling it “Liberal Eye For the Nomination Guy” and have the Senate Democrats giving the judicial nominees a taste of what it is like to believe like a liberal. Oh, but I guess that would never work because liberals can’t be honest about what they really believe. After all, they choose to hide behind the cloak of the phrase “deeply held belief” when they really mean religious belief? The Democrats are hopelessly doomed.

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