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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Shining The Light On Lee Bright
Jimmy Moore
August 11, 2003

The first time I saw Lee Bright, with his boyish looks and unapologetic Southern demeanor, I was intrigued by the extent of his success as a businessman and his selfless enthusiasm and passion for playing a role in his community.

He plays an active role in a variety of organizations in the community such as being a board member for the Palmetto Family Council (you might remember that they were the ones who recently placed a picture of the beloved Barney Fife above his name on a brochure they sent out because they didn’t have a picture of him...Bright just shrugged it off as harmless and funny), a supporter of Child Evangelism Fellowship, on the Advisory Board for Life Ed., a member of the Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce and Executive Committeeman from the Westview Precinct in the Spartanburg County Republican Party.

I remember imagining at that moment I met Lee Bright back in 2001 at  a Spartanburg County Republican Party event about what a great candidate for political office he would make someday if he decided to pursue that as a goal. His personality makes him such a likable guy from the time you meet him that it is difficult to find fault with what he has to say. Well, now he will have the opportunity to share who he is with the voters of South Carolina.

Lee Bright is running for the Republican nomination for state Senate District 12 in Spartanburg County. He brings a much-needed fresh face to the state Republican Party that has been sorely needed in Columbia for a very long time. Too many of our state legislators have become so deeply entrenched in their own personal agendas that the voters have become enslaved to the political games of these elite. Along comes Lee Bright to help bring about change with that perception of state lawmakers.

As President and founder of On Time Transportation in Spartanburg, Bright has the experience as a businessman to know how an organization should be run. He knows that economic expansion is one of the keys to South Carolina becoming a thriving state in the Southeast. As state Senator, he would institute careful planning to find the best ways to attract new businesses to the Palmetto state, which would in turn improve the lives of all South Carolinians.

Likewise, Bright believes state government should be run in the same way he runs his business, looking at the benefits of every decision weighed in conjunction with the costs. He believes increasing taxes has a strong negative impact on the state’s economy and that the state legislature must continually look at ways to cut wasteful spending as a means for shoring up the shortfalls in the state budget.

Bright has most recently served as a Board Member for Spartanburg County School District 6, which includes the prestigious and award-winning Dorman High School. Bright brings proven leadership in the area of education. He wants to insure that there is adequate funding for K-12, reward teachers who are excelling at their job and set standards for underperforming schools.

Another important issue in the Bright agenda includes Medicaid, which he believes is a necessary safety net for senior citizens. He says this program should be reformed to prevent a limitless number of recipients from unduly taking advantage of the system. He believes it should only be there for those who need it most.

Finally, Bright is a strong supporter of tort reform. On behalf of business owners and consumers, Bright believes South Carolina can and should enact tough legislation against frivolous lawsuits that cripple the economy and bog down our courts.

As a man who does not shy away from his conservative Christian beliefs (who attends Roebuck Baptist Church with his wife and two daughters and serves on the Board of Visitors for the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary), Bright is a welcome newcomer to South Carolina politics. His heavy involvement in the community and obvious love for his state make him a candidate worth taking a closer look at.

His slogan is “Bright Ideas For A Better South Carolina.” A lot of people will be interested in hearing more from Lee Bright as he offers a clear voice of concern on behalf of the people South Carolina. For more information on the Lee Bright campaign, go to (still under construction but check back soon) or send him an e-mail at    

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