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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Can a Christian Be a Democrat?
Jimmy Moore
July 10, 2003

I already know the answer to the question I used for the title of this article. I have a good friend and another political acquaintance who are both Christians and Democrats. Additionally, both are exceptionally intelligent thinkers and call themselves Christians. Therefore, the answer to my question at face value is “YES.”

But let’s take a closer look at it for just a moment. If someone calls himself a Christian (defined at as “one who professes belief in Jesus as Christ or follows the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus and lives according to the teachings of Jesus”) and believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ, I cannot fathom how that person can choose to be a Democrat in 2003.

The Democrat Party has been extremely critical of Christian morals and values for as long as I can remember. I have little doubt in my mind that the Democrat Party sold their soul to Satan many years ago. They have become a political party focused on anything and everything that goes against the Bible and its teachings. The Democrat Party has no problem with the cruelty of abortion and allowing the spread of homosexuality to permeate modern society.

On the issue of abortion, the Democrat Party believes that a woman has the right to choose to kill that unborn child or not because she can do with her own body what she wants to. But what about prostitution? Do women have the right to choose whether they can engage in that activity or not? Nope. Or how about illegal drug use? Is it a person’s right to choose whether they can engage in that activity without any consequences? Absolutely not. Then how are they able to get away with using that argument in the case of abortion?

You don’t have to be a doctor to know that a baby who is growing in the womb of his mother is a separate human being with unique human characteristics and DNA. Does anyone really believe that an unborn baby is just a mass of tissue anymore? Science proves verifiably that the thing growing in a mother’s womb after conception is a living and breathing baby.

And yet the Democrat Party violates one of the basic laws found in the Old Testament (“thou shalt not kill”) when it actively promotes the idea of women having the right to an abortion. The Democrat Party has long heralded Roe v. Wade as their symbol of victory for individual rights and civil liberties. But with 40 million babies sacrificed in the name of choice, the Democrat Party is the one with the blood on their hands for this.

Pro-abortion advocates often respond to critics by claiming that a baby in the womb of a mother is not fully developed and that most abortions take place in the first trimester. And yet science proves that a baby’s heart begins beating within four weeks, brain activity begins within six weeks and all of the human body parts are formed within eight weeks after conception. An abortion stops that beating heart and sucks the life out of that baby for good.

Abortion supporters in the Democrat Party say that since the baby doesn’t feel anything, there’s no harm done. Okay, using that argument, if a patient is given a shot that causes him to not feel any pain, is it okay for someone to murder him? How about that guy in Arkansas who just woke up for a coma after 19 years? Would it have been acceptable for him to be murdered just because he was unable to feel anything? This line of thinking is simply illogical.

Then, when members of the Democrat Party get tired of that point, they claim that a baby is not fully developed until birth. But once again science (yes, the same science that people say is better and more accurate than religion) shows that a baby continues to develop even after he comes out of his mother’s womb. Bones in the head continue to take shape and vision is not complete when a baby first enters the world. Newborn babies also have heart murmurs as their heart valves continue to develop. With all of this evidence, would the Democrat Party think it is okay to kill babies after their mothers have given birth to them since they are not yet fully developed?

Most Democrats couldn’t tell you why they support abortion other than the fact that they have been bought and paid for by pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood, NOW and NARAL. I’m just waiting for a few brave Christian Democrats to stand up for the rights of the unborn and proclaim that abortion is wrong. Do enough of them have the courage to do it?

Science shows that a baby is created when the sperm fertilizes the ovum at conception. The joining together of these two creates a double set of chromosomes, with half coming from the male and half from the female, that will form the genes of the baby. This is called the zygote and is a brand new human being with his own DNA. All of this is scientifically proven fact. There are no conservative Christian opinions in this paragraph. And yet Christian conservative teach these facts as well. Nevertheless, the Democrat Party refuses to look at the facts.

And, so did the U.S. Supreme Court back in 1973. How could they ignore what both science and the Bible proved to be true that life actually begins at conception? And yet they did exactly that. That was the greatest injustice in American history that still lingers on to this day.

If a Christian looks at himself in the mirror and is honest with himself about what the Democrat Party believes, then he cannot possibly call himself a Democrat. Besides abortion, the Democrat Party has no problem embracing the gay lifestyle.

Yet, how can a Christian ignore what the Scripture says in Romans 1:27:

“For their women have exchanged the natural use for that which is against nature, and in like manner the men also, having abandoned the natural use of the woman, have burned in their lusts, one toward another, men with men doing shameless things and receiving in themselves the fitting recompense of their perversity.”

With loads of money coming into the Democrat Party from Hollywood and liberal organizations, the Democrats turn a blind eye to the moral decay that is happening in our culture day after day. Gay activists are pushing their agenda on the American people through movies and television. If groups like these decided to stop funding the Democrat Party, then it would cease to exist as a viable political party immediately. But the millions of dollars that come flowing in help keep the Democrats in business.

As I stated in my previous article, the favorite target of the Democrat Party are born-again Christians. While I will concede that there are Christians who believe the teachings of the Bible line up with the message of the Democrat Party, most Christians lean conservative. And Democrats call us bigots and attack us for believing differently than they do. While the Democrat Party will stand behind the rights of minorities and gays, they leave Christians dangling in the wind. Why would a Christian want to be a Democrat with all the criticism?

Here’s an interesting conversation starter: Do you think a pro-life Democrat would ever be elected President of the United States? Not hardly! That explains why Al Gore changed his position before he ran in 2000. But how is it possible for someone who believes in the Word of God and lives by its teachings embrace the ideology of a political party that does nothing but mock everything that God stands for?

Finally, here’s another thought-provoking question for you: If abortion was made illegal for good in America today and completely removed from the arena of political and public debate, then what would happen to the Republican Party? Chew on that one for a while and let me know what you think.

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As both a Christian and a democrat, I naturally found this article offensive. But I have an open mind and read your article knowing that there was potential for you to make some good points. An open mind is what I offer you. . . .

Read the rest.

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