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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Who to Vote For in the MoveOn Poll
Jimmy Moore
June 23, 2003

Over the weekend, my friends at WyethWire became completely overjoyed at the alleged proof they had that I am somehow a part of a grand conspiracy to skew the results of this week’s MoveOn.org Democrat presidential primary poll in a scathing article entitled "Proof Of Freeper Fixing."  That's right, Wyeth. You caught me! I guess you agree with Hillary Clinton's assertion that there is a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

Wyeth thinks my CommonVoice article from Friday called "Sharpton Supporters, UNITE" was the act of a Republican trying to infiltrate a Democrat poll. I hate to break this to you, Wyeth, but as much as I’d love to think my limited sphere of influence would actually make a real difference in this poll, it’s just not gonna happen with over a million votes expected to be cast. My “support” for Sharpton in two previous articles was a JOKE! Get over it already!

Besides, it’s not like I’m voting in the Democrat primary race that will help determine who the nominee will be. This is an Internet poll. How many polls are there like this one on the Internet? Hundreds. Even thousands. In fact, I’m hosting one this week at the South Carolina GOPUSA website asking people who they think the BIG WINNER of the MoveOn.org straw poll will be. Go cast your vote TODAY for your “favorite” candidate (although a recent GOPUSA poll I conducted showed that NONE OF THE ABOVE received MORE votes than any of the Democrat candidates for president!!!).

My friends at Backcountry Conservative attempted to explain to Wyeth in a response called "Who's Really Trying To Fix the MoveOn Primary" that there has already been a nationally covered controversy about the poll being unfairly tilted in favor of Howard Dean. But that hasn’t stopped Wyeth from spreading the message that I’m somehow responsible for messing up this cherished Democrat poll.

I’ve heard from several people over the weekend that Wyeth actively spread the message about my alleged attempt to affect the outcome of the MoveOn.org poll on several Democrat blog websites. I’m not surprised since I noticed that both of my Sharpton articles received an extraordinarily high number of hits on both Saturday and Sunday and is still receiving a ton of hits as of Monday morning. Gee, Wyeth, thanks for the publicity for CommonVoice. We even got a post from an enlightening chap from Portland, OR!   

With all this excitement happening in the past few days, the real exhilaration is going to happen on Tuesday and Wednesday this week when the MoveOn.org primary poll will be open to the public to vote for the candidate of their choice. In an effort to clear up any misunderstanding about my previous articles regarding this poll, I would like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts about each of the candidates based on the letters they have written to MoveOn.org to encourage people to support their candidacy for president and vote for them in the poll.

I have included a picture of each of the candidates, followed by a link to their respective letter to MoveOn.org that I will be critiquing and a link to their official campaign websites. I will review each candidate going in alphabetical order:

Carol Mosely Braun                                                           http://www.carolforpresident.com

Mosely Braun is the most unlikely of candidates to win this poll because the Democrat Party doesn’t have the guts to nominate a black or a woman to be their party’s nominee for president. After all, Mosely Braun is an accomplished candidate having been an ambassador for the United States as well as a U.S. Senator. She says her record of doing what she has promised would serve her well as president. She claims the Bush economic policies have failed (although most of the tax cuts have not yet been implemented fully). She decries the war in Iraq as an “expensive misadventure” that wasted money that should have been spent on domestic issues. She also highlights the worn-out excuse that Bush is an illegitimate president because he got less of the popular vote (Uh, isn’t that why you’re running in 2004? Stop telling me why you think Al Gore should have been president in 2000 and start telling me why I should vote for you in 2004!). She proposes changes in education and healthcare and giving people to opportunity live the American dream. She says that she won’t use the fear of racism, sexism and discrimination to further her causes like President Bush has (oh, really. Can you provide us with some examples? Didn’t think so!). Yadda yadda yadda! NEXT CANDIDATE!


Howard Dean

This is the candidate everyone expects to win this poll because of supposed inside connections he has with certain members of MoveOn.org. Regardless, Dean’s positions are reason enough to vote for or against him. Here’s what he believes about the issues based on his letter. The war in Iraq...BAD! Tax cuts...BAD! Clear Skies Act...BAD! Healthy Forest Act...BAD! Patriot Act...BAD! Conservatives...BAD! Uh, okay. I’m glad to see you think EVERYTHING that George W. Bush has done is BAD, but what are you going to do if you will have to face this “BAD” president in 2004? Let’s hear the response from Dean himself: I’m gonna lead a massive grassroots movement over the Internet and...and...fight, er, stand up, um, let me be clear. Yeah, that’s it. I’m gonna be a clear alternative. Write that down because it sounds good. Everything that Bush has done, I’ll be the exact opposite. I’m against tax cuts, HAHAHA! I’m against education, HAHAHA! Wait a minute. No, yes, no, I mean, oh, you know what I mean. I’ll protect America from terrorism and keep the ACLU busy...uh, I mean protect civil liberties. We must resist the radical agenda of those right wing wackos (can I really say that now that most Americans consider themselves conservative?). We’re gonna take back America (but I didn’t know she had gone anywhere!). Whatever. NEXT CANDIDATE!


John Edwards

It’s great having a trial lawyer in the field of Democrat candidates for president. Does anyone like trial lawyers even if they think they’re the best looking candidate in the field? That remains to be seen. Edwards talks about the hard work his father had to endure growing up in North Carolina. He believes that hard work is what made him a better man (then how did he end up as a trial lawyer?). He, like the other Democrat candidates, believes President Bush is the product of inherited success and not hard work. Edwards says that he honors the work that creates wealth (yeah, he honors it so much that he lines his own pockets with money he bilks his legal opponents out of!). Edwards claims to speak for the everyday man, but what does he know about the common man as a rich Democrat? He, too, believes Bush is an illegitimate president who is doing everything he can to hurt American values (don’t you love the hyperbole Democrats use to attempt to make Bush look evil? It’s just not gonna work!). Edwards believes he needs to convince the entire country that he is their savior and has all the answers to their problems. He wants to give you your first year of college for FREE! WOW! Can we make that one retroactive, Mr. Edwards? Pie in the sky promises will get you nowhere. NEXT CANDIDATE!

Dick Gephardt

Tricky Dick believes President Bush is taking the country in the wrong direction on every single issue. Oh really? Like what? He says that Bush has made promises that he hasn’t kept. Oh really? Like what? Gephardt wants to repeal all of the Bush tax cuts because he says they have made the economy worse (although most of the tax cuts haven’t yet been implemented fully). Oh really? How so? Gephardt wants to provide universal healthcare coverage to all Americans if he becomes president. Oh really? How are you going to explain to the American people that their taxes will have to be raised in a few years to keep the FREE HEALTHCARE rolling? He says he’ll fight for education and raise the minimum wage to a living wage (what the heck is that anyway? $20 bucks an hour? $100 bucks an hour? You know, I sure could live well on THAT salary!). Gephardt says his proposals come from his personal experience in the real world as a poor working boy. He believes that will serve him well when he’s in the White House. Me thinks that ain’t enough to get you there, Dicky-poo. NEXT CANDIDATE!

Bob Graham

As the Johnny-come-lately candidate in this race, Graham hasn’t had a lot of time to shape his message just yet. That doesn’t stop him from trying to sketch together what he believes would make him the best candidate against Bush. He says he’ll bring fresh leadership and vision (but what does that mean?). Graham says we need to follow a model of Democratic principles for the world (we are, didn’t you see what we did for the people of Iraq this year, Mr. Graham?). He said he’ll make sure people have a voice in government (we already do. They’re called Congressmen!). He acknowledges the blessings our country has received (without giving direct glory to God for those blessings). He cites his experience as governor and U.S. Senator from Florida as his qualifications for running for president. He takes great pride in the fact that he opposed Bush on the war, on tax cuts in 2001, on tax cuts in 2003 and his foreign policy. He says that he’s one of only a few that are holding Bush accountable for his bad policies (gee, I guess if Bush’s policies were good ones that his approval ratings would have to be over 100% right about now!). Graham blatantly uses class warfare and mentions Enron and the falling stock market as proof that Bush is doing a poor job on the economy (other than the rhetoric of that stereotypical answer, what truth is there to it?). He commits to creating jobs, expanding healthcare, improving education, saving the environment and bringing back the lost values in America (what are those and where do you start?). Same old, same old. NEXT CANDIDATE!

John Kerry

The new JFK! Don’t you just want to grab a hold of that chin and yank it? You might consider it after you hear why Kerry wants to be your president. Democrats always lament Republicans who vote for the GOP because of one issue (abortion). Guess what Kerry says is his reason for running for president? Is it the economy? Nope. Is it healthcare? Nope. How about education? Uh-uh. What could it be? I’m glad you asked. He wants to be president so he can appoint new justices to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court. I’m not joking. That’s what he said his #1 goal as president would be. He is trying to scare people into believing that George W. Bush will pack the courts with wacko religious conservatives who will make abortion illegal (although it is inevitable at this point that Roe v. Wade will be overturned). God forbid that we stop slaughtering babies left and right all on the altar of convenience and choice (I bet NARAL just looooovvvveees this JFK!). He’s even got a petition he wants people to sign at http://petition.johnkerry.com (what’s the petition for if he’s confident he’ll be elected president? Hmmm?). Kerry has outlined his own litmus test for nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court: they should have no political agenda. Does this also include the liberal political agenda, too, Mr. Kerry? With your hatred for John Ashcroft, George W. Bush, Charles Pickering and Priscilla Owen directly and the Bush nominees for federal courts and conservative justices of the Supreme Court indirectly, you have shamefully shown yourself to be a lightning rod of lies and deceit all for the purpose of getting elected President of the United States. The American people can and will see right through you, JFK! NEXT CANDIDATE!

Dennis Kucinich

This is the WHO? candidate. Who is this guy? And why did he have to be so long-winded in his response at MoveOn? Kucinich has about as much a chance of winning this election as I have inheriting a family fortune this year (since all my relatives are poor and middle class, it’s not gonna happen!). Even still, let’s see what he has to say. He writes letters. Well, at least he’s literate. But he’s not real smart in history because he claims Bush and Cheney were “unelected” in 2000. Check your history books, Dennis, THEY WON! He brags about a prayer he wrote that lists a series of events that he says is inevitable as long as Bush is president. He’s proud of his vote against the war. He says he couldn’t believe he was attacked for accusing the president of going to war with Iraq because of oil (gee, I wonder why. Could it be because there was no PROOF?!). He talked about participating in anti-war demonstrations in February this year and how awful our military efforts in Iraq were. He said that this was “not America at its best” (man, I wonder what he would have said if our troops had not won the war). He’s proud of his dissent against the war and is one of these Democrats who wants to see the evidence of weapons of mass destruction or else, or else...well, he hasn’t really said what he’d do, but he’d sure do something! He likens Bush's WMD excuse for war with the supposed false felony charges made by Katherine Harris in the 2000 elections (that’s a stretch!). Leave it to a Democrat to bring up the 2000 election in any forum available! He also has a petition at his website begging the Bush administration to come clean on the WMD intelligence. The self-proclaimed “Peace candidate” has done nothing but stir up trouble as a candidate. He wants to cut military funding at a time when homeland security and the war on terrorism is at its most crucial moment. He says we have to cut the military budget to pay for education (nevermind the fact that there might not be any children to teach if another terrorist attack hits the United States). His ultra-liberal views on a wide variety of issues make him completely out of the mainstream of political thought and certainly not a candidate who can represent the common man. NEXT CANDIDATE!

Joe Lieberman

In sharp contrast to Kucinich’s response that went on and on and on, Lieberman’s letter was short and to the point. He wants to make America strong at home and abroad (that sounds good, doesn’t it?) and to lead America down the socialist path that the Democrats want to go in. Go read it! That’s what he said! He believes that he is the man who will help the middle class and middle class wannabes get ahead by offering tax cuts for the purpose of creating jobs (didn’t President Bush just sign that bill into law about a month ago?). He says he wants to cut poverty (is he gonna call it guaranteed meal coverage for all families?) and cure diseases (oh, so I guess he thinks he’s God or something now). He says his history of progressivism has made him want to fight for a woman’s right to kill her baby, to put the life of a tree before the life of a human, encourage racism to prevail on through affirmative action programs and help promote the gay agenda in American society. He laments that the American people have struggled economically since Bush became president (gee, I wonder why? Hmm...9/11, two wars, Democrat obstruction of Bush economic policies, need I go on?). Lieberman says he’s the better choice. All I have to do is look at the first three letters of his name to be reminded of the last Democrat who was president. He says Bush is weak on the economy and social ideas. Lieberman pulls a Jim Miles when he says that he’s the only one who can defeat George W. Bush because he got more votes than George W. Bush in 2000 (will these people never let this thing go? You might recall Jim Miles, the former secretary of state in South Carolina who ran for governor last year, used to always say that he was the only Republican candidate who has proven he can beat Jim Hodges because he got more votes than him in the 1998 election. I guess Lieberman is stealing a page from good ole Jim Miles!). Yo, Joe! Living in the past won’t win you an election. NEXT CANDIDATE!

Al Sharpton

Sharpton brings another interesting character to an already strange bunch. He says he is bringing people into the Democrat Party who have been turned off by politics in the past. He is running to help the Democrats win back the White House and both houses of Congress in 2004 and for many years to come. He says he’ll work hard for whoever the eventual nominee is (but the question will be, will that nominee WANT Sharpton’s help?). Sharpton says that the eventual candidate can’t win without his help (is the dear Reverend humble, too?). Sharpton takes pride that he has taken the high road in regards to denigrating the other candidates. He says he has differences of opinion on many of the issues, but all of the candidates have ideas that are better than Bush. He outlines four rights that he believes all Americans should have (I assume this would be an addendum to the original ten bill of rights in the U.S. Constitution). People have a “right to vote” (they already do, although most abstain from using this right very often), a “right to a public education of equal high quality” (yeah, let’s all go to Harvard!), a “right to healthcare of equal high quality (sure has worked well for Canada, right?) and “equal rights for women” (what activities are women barred from doing that men currently do? I’m waiting for an answer...). He wants people to support his ideas even if he isn’t chosen as his party’s nominee for president. Sharpton’s ideas are right in line with the radical liberal agenda. However, they just won’t jive with most people. NEXT CANDIDATE!

What? You mean that’s it? That’s all there is to choose from for the Democrat nomination for president? No wonder everyone’s so bummed out about the MoveOn.org poll. There’s nobody to vote for. Can we add President Bush’s name to the poll? Is it too late?

President George W. Bush...he has more honor and decency than any of these Democrats running for president will ever have!

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