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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Translating Liberalese Into English
Jimmy Moore
May 22, 2003

Last week I shared with you a new liberal strategy for renaming taxes in my article called "They Sure Look Like Taxes To Me."  You might recall that Democrats have decided that they are now referring to taxes as "revenue enhancers."

However, the lexicon of liberal language (do you like the alliteration?) as it pertains to budgetary ideas extends much further than just taxes.

Trying to understand all the code words when liberal lawmakers discuss the budget is like going to the opera and trying to figure out every single word that is sung by the characters. The basic story can be followed, but the minute details are oftentimes missed.

Although the language used by these liberals sounds a lot like English, the truth is that most of it is used purposely to con other lawmakers into voting for something that is radically different than what it seems.

That's why I have decided to offer this Liberalese dictionary as a public service to help people understand exactly what the Democrats mean when they discuss the budget:

Instead of actual cuts to the budget, what they really mean is that a program has been reduced or eliminated. In other words, the liberals didn't get what they wanted. For example, if a lawmaker says that he is cutting government, be sure to do your homework and make sure that it was actually a cut. Many times these "cuts" are only reductions in the rate of growth. This is a very popular deception of liberal Democrats.

Tax cuts
These do not actually exist. Rather than calling them tax cuts, liberal Democrats call these an increase in government spending. They say that tax cuts borrow from future generations to pay for tax relief today. Tax cuts have been enemy #1 in 2003.

This is the term used for when there is a surplus in the budget and the money has to be refunded to the taxpayers. Liberals believe these need to be controlled because people suffer and die as a result. Therefore, reductions in taxes should be avoided completely.

Spending Increases
Actually, these do not exist either. These are commonly known as expanding government programs deemed as necessary because of increased need.

Program Needs
All government programs that are created have an inherent need for money, employees and people to use the programs so it will continue. Somehow, these needs continue to grow year after year even if the program isn't working. Whenever a reduction in spending is proposed for any government program, the reaction from liberal Democrats is one of shock and horror because (they claim!) that people will die if any cuts are made.

Essential Government Services
This basically entails anything that the government thinks is something the taxpayers must pay for. This includes government permits for running a business that does the most evil act of all, turning a profit! The government permit costs money and creates bureaucracy that must be paid for by revenue enhancers.

Spending Reductions
These are forbidden! Children, the elderly, youth, the middle class, women and minorities die as a direct result of government spending reductions. These are the root of all evil for liberal Democrats.

Tax Revenue
This is every dollar made by a taxpayer at his job. All the money earned by taxpayers is a potential source of revenue for the government.

Tax Expenditure
This is what the government calls letting you keep more of your own money.

Baseline Budgeting
This is equivalent to every dollar taken from the taxpayers by the government in the last budget plus any new spending programs they want this year. Anything less than what is wanted is considered a "cut."

Revenue Enhancers
We talked about this one last week. The more money liberal Democrats can pry out of your hands, the better. Be listening for Democrats to use this phrase often as they are on the campaign trail.

Program Requirements
If it was in the budget last year, then it needs to be in the budget this year with increases to meet the growing demand (see program needs and baseline budgeting). If a government program that serves needy people runs out of people to serve, then more budget money is needed to pay for a mass-marketing campaign for attracting needy persons to the program.

Spending Caps
Again, these can never happen (see spending reductions). And, once again, people die from these.

Truth In Budgeting
This is another thing that can never happen. If it did, then something extraordinary might happen. People will finally see how their money is spent and how awful liberal Democrats have been at being good caretakers of that money.

Now that you have the translation guide to Liberalese, you will be better equipped to understand exactly what liberal Democrats are talking about when they speak about the budget.

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I heard Greenville County Council candidate Hayne Hipp mention on an ad on WORD radio this week that he want to "enhance revenues" if he is elected into office. As soon as I heard this, it reminded me of this column I wrote last year. . . .

Read the rest.

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