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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Let’s Copy The Democrats Today
Jimmy Moore
May 14, 2003

Today’s the BIG day.

The Democrat National Committee along with organizations such as MoveOn.org, People for the American Way, Campaign for America’s Future and many other liberal interest groups have designated TODAY, Wednesday, May 14, 2003 as a day for Americans to blitz their Congressmen with calls and e-mails in opposition to President Bush’s tax cuts. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Supposedly representing millions of Americans in this effort, the Democrat Party says this “massive public mobilization” against the “irresponsible Bush tax scheme” will send a message to our government leaders that hardworking taxpayers just won’t stand for having more money in their pockets. By golly, the Democrats would much rather let the government keep all those tax dollars to spend in a better way than us taxpayers who have progressively had more of our money taken away from us every single year!

That’s why this effort today, which will consist of an estimated “hundreds of thousands of activists,” is so urgently needed. The liberal wing of the Democrat Party (which is about 90% of people who call themselves Democrats nowadays!) oppose the Bush tax cuts because they say it gives “new tax breaks to the wealthiest sliver of Americans.” Puh-leeze! These tax cuts will help EVERY “sliver” of Americans regardless of their economic status. And, yes, contrary to popular belief, the money will trickle down to the people who need it the most, too!

So, the Democrats want you to call your Senators and Representatives today, eh? Let’s copy what the Democrats are doing, except change the message to SUPPORT the Bush tax cuts. Can you imagine how confused the poor Congressional staffs will be today getting call after call from people on BOTH SIDES of the tax cut issue?!

Nevertheless, how about we all call them today and flood them with the message that we WANT to have LARGE tax cuts because we know better about how to spend OUR MONEY than the government does. While we’re on the phone and/or e-mail with them, let’s urge them to STOP SPENDING so much of OUR MONEY year after year after year on government handouts.

We can also tell them that it’s time for them to cut programs that are no longer needed and free up that money for tax cuts. We can reduce the deficit, which is currently only 2% of the economy (well below what we have had over the last few decades), by passing the kind of tax cuts that will ensure economic growth and job creation that will prevent the escalation of deficits in the future.

Of course, the Democrats have certain points that they would like to make regarding their view of the tax cuts. Here are just a few they encourage people to point out to their Congressman along with my comments about them:

- The Bush tax cuts overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy and offer very little tax relief to working families.

I’ve got a German word for that: HOGWASH! The Bush tax cuts of 2001 and the new tax cuts can and will make a huge difference in the lives of millions of average, ordinary citizens. The Democrats keep perpetuating the lie that the Bush tax cuts will only help the rich, but it is simply not true. Thankfully, most people aren’t falling for it either!

- The Bush tax cuts do nothing to help state governments deal with budget problems.

I disagree. Now more than ever, state governments need economic activity and spending control to propel their economies back into shape. What better way to do that than to give people back more of their own money to spend in the manner of their own choosing? Tax cuts give people the power to put money IN the economy by purchasing items they want or need. State governments directly reap the benefit of additional income by collecting more sales taxes as a result of tax cuts.

- The “irresponsible” (according to who) Bush tax cut scheme (what scheme? It is certainly better than the tax INCREASES proposed by the Democrats!) will create enormous deficits for the next generation of taxpayers.

My Democrat friend Andy Arnold likes to incorporate this argument over and over again whenever the issue of tax cuts is brought up. But it is a straw-man argument. The secret about tax cuts is that combining them with a reduction in spending GROWS the economy better than anything else. The direct result of a strong economy is a reduction in the deficit. Period. It’s as simple as that.

Of course, Democrats like to brag about how the deficit hasn’t gotten any better since the 2001 tax cuts. But the lingering effects of the Clinton recession, the declining stock market and the ongoing war on terrorism have made it necessary for the federal government to run a deficit. Even still, the deficit is MUCH LOWER than it has been in recent years.

The truth of the matter is that even if the 2001 tax cuts had not been passed into law, the deficit would still be in triple digits today. The slow economy, the war on terror and the unexpected costs of homeland security have all contributed to the current deficit. But there is hope on the horizon when Bush’s new tax cuts are implemented.

- Democrats in Congress have their own “real stimulus plan” that will get the economy going through “targeted tax breaks, aid for cash-strapped states and small businesses, and an extension of unemployment benefits.”

Are these tax cuts or another increase in spending by the Democrats? And who is going to get these “targeted tax” cuts? At least with the Republican plan, the tax cuts are widely distributed to people from every sector of society, not just to a “targeted” group of people. When business owners are given tax breaks under the Bush plan, they will be able to hire more people. This will create new jobs and will bring at least a million more people into the economy who are currently collecting unemployment. The Democrats would prefer to keep giving the unemployed a handout rather than a hand up. This reeks of pandering at its worst, which Democrats have become quite notorious for over the past few decades.

Terry McAuliffe, Chairman of the Democrat National Committee, believes that people can “make a difference” by opposing the “irresponsible Bush tax scheme” and by supporting the “sensible, effective Democratic stimulus plan.” Gag me, please. The Democrat proposal is nothing more than the same old, same old we have come to expect from them! There are even some stealth tax INCREASES in the Democrat farce of a stimulus plan!

We need REAL economic stimulus that will ONLY come from passing into law the Bush tax cuts. This is long overdue to help get the United States of America back on track again economically. As our nation heals from the wounds of terrorism, President Bush has led this country well in foreign affairs. Now we need to let him show that same leadership domestically.

Please DO call your Senators and Congressmen today. Let them know how much you would love to be able to spend, save and invest more of YOUR MONEY that will only be provided by the Bush tax cuts. More tax relief will mean more jobs. More jobs will mean less unemployment and economic growth. And economic growth will mean lower deficits and a stronger America for the future!

DON’T LET THE DEMOCRATS FOOL YOU! They are afraid of letting these tax cuts go into effect because they know the economy will grow. A bad economy is their ONLY HOPE for winning back the White House in 2004. That is a fact that should permeate your mind whenever you hear Democrats attacking tax cuts in the coming months. If and when the tax cuts of 2003 become law, they know they are in trouble in a head-to-head match up with President Bush. He won’t make the same mistake his father made in 1992.


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